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Saucer Summer Tour Part 13

Tuesday, June 19th, 2012
Today we drove  165  miles to the Mills family’s house in Frankfort, KY.  We took our time in the morning as it wasn’t far to their house and they had morning activities until 12:30pm.  We would have gotten there by 1pm according to the GPS.  Unfortunately, we had a meltdown, pit stop shopping fiasco, and traffic parked on the interstate for 20min.  We  arrived around 2:30pm for a LATE lunch.  The boys took right to playing and almost didn’t even care about having lunch!!

After lunch they went back to playing toy guns and war while Deanna and I got caught up with each other.  Steve grilled burgers, hot dogs, and brats for dinner.  Then we took a tour of the garden out back and Daniel built a camp fire to toast marshmellows.  There were TONS of fireflies for the boys to chase in the yard as well!!

Wednesday, June 20th, 2012

Today we caught up on some very needed sleep!!  I got up around 9:30am and Deanna had banana cake and chocolate donuts out on the table waiting for us J
We just relaxed and played until it was time to pick Michael up from Aerospace Camp at noon.  After we picked Michael up we took the short tour of downtown.  We got to see the old capitol building as well as the newer capitol building. 

Daniel asked to go to Tai Smile for lunch.  The boys explored Tai food.  Alan was happy when I told him he could get plain chicken and rice.  Eddie, on the other hand, was very upset and difficult about ordering.  He simply did NOT want to share food.  I told him we were going to order 2 different things and share with Eddie, Joey, and Mommy.  Deanna didn’t skip a beat as she stood up and took Eddie by the hand to have a talk outside while the rest of us finished ordering.  We had Cashew Chicken and Egg Noodle Bowl.  It was YUMMY!!  The best thing about Tai Smile is you choose the level of spiciness with the number of stars you want so we could just get 1 star and still feel our tongues J

After lunch we took the tour of Rebecca Ruth Candy Factory.  This is were Bourbon Balls were invented by Ruth Hanly Booe (1891-1973).  Her story is amazing as she was widowed at a very young age with a very young son named John.  She raised him herself and managed to own her own business in a time that was unheard of.  They opened the factory in 1919 a year BEFORE women could vote!!   The factory burned down and she was unable to borrow the $50 she needed to rebuild and replace equipment from the bank.  She got the money from the maid at the local hotel and paid her back in 2 months with interest!!  Not only was she a successful business woman, but a successful single mom.  John even made Eagle Scout!!  We got some yummy treats to enjoy on the rest of our trip J

After the tour we headed back to the house to relax and play some more.  Deanna made Chicken Parmesan for dinner and Daniel taught me how to play chess as part of his chess merit badge for Boy Scouts. 
After dinner Deanna called a family friend and took us to see some real winning race horses!!  First we saw the mama horses and the 3 week old colts.  Then Miss Kim and her crew pulled up to introduce us to Brass Hat winner of several state races over 2 million dollars.  He currently holds one of the track records at the Churchill Downs race track and LOVES to eat peppermints!!  Miss Kim let the boys feed him quite a few mints J
Then she took us to meet their FFA pig.  The boys were more excited to jump in the hay with her daughter and friend.  When we got back the boys went through the shower quick and played.  Steve gave me some more pointers on chess and we played a game before it was time for bed.  The boys were begging to stay longer J

Pictures are here.


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Saucer Summer Tour Part 15

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