Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Cub Scout Popcorn for SALE!!

Wow double fundraiser this week!! The Cub Scout pack has started the Popcorn sales!! I LOVE LOVE LOVE the microwave kettle corn :) They don't offer online ordering for our pack :( I will describe the items and prices for anyone interested in ordering you can call, email, or just leave a comment. They assure us this is the ONLY fundraiser for the Pack for the year!! The Great Southwest Council will receive 70% of all the proceeds from our popcorn sales!!

Item A: 5 Way Chocolatey Treasures Tin $50 includes: chocolatey caramel corn, chocolately pretzels, white frosted pretzels, white frosted caramel corn and delicious morsels of chocolately covered peanut brittle 88oz

Item B: 3 Way Premium Tin $40 includes: supreme caramel with whole and crushed almonds, peacans & cashews, chocolately carmel popcorn, and rich butter toffee caramel corn 40 oz

Item C: 24 Pack Movie Theater Extra Butter Microwave Popcorn $25

Item D: 24 Pack Variety Microwave Popcorn $25 includes 6 movie theater extra butter, 6 94% fat free butter, sweet & salty kettle corn, and 6 white cheddar cheese

Item E: Supreme Caramel Crunch with Almonds, Pecans, and Cashews $20 22oz

Item F: Chocolately Caramel Corn $20 22oz

Item G: 15 Pack Extra Butter Roasted Summer Corn MW Popcorn $15

Item J: 14 Pack Sweet & Salty Kettle Corn Microwave Popcorn $15

Item L: Caramel Corn $10 9oz

Item O: 2lb Gourmet Popping Tin $10 Original gourmet popping corn, ready to pop and sprinkle with your favorite flavorings!!

Item P: 3 Way Cheesy Cheese Tin $20 includes white and yellow cheddar cheese and zesty cheesy salsa 18oz

Item T: $10 Magazine Voucher for new or renewal subscriptions

Item U: $20 Magazine Voucher for new or renewal subscriptions

Item Z: $25 Military Donation Choose Item Z and Camp Masters will send $25 worth of popcorn to our military personal!!

Thank you sooooooo much for your support!!

Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Magazine Fundraiser for the Boys' School

Alan and Eddie are selling Magazines for their school fundraiser. The cool part is you can order online and they can still get credit. Simply go to and click on "SHOP NOW"

Then enter their school code: TAFIREBIRDS and click "SHOP NOW" Next you fill in either Alan or Eddiefor the first name and Saucer for the last name. Just click on SAVE and start shopping!! The orders much be placed by Sunday, September 11th for them to get credit.

You can renew existing subscriptions as well as shop for other fun gifts!!

Thanks for your support!!

Tuesday, August 09, 2011

Surprise Packages!!

When we got home from a month of travel we had 2 surprise packages with ALL the mail!! The first one I kind of expected. We were visiting my friend, Julie Henning. She is the coordinator for blog reviews for Motherlove Herbal Company and Dandelion Earth-Friendly Goods. Joey (age3) had a big scrape on his forehead and lots of swollen mosquito bites. Julie grabbed her Green Salve and we got him all rubbed down with it. The next morning the scrape was more than 50% healed and the bug bites where shrunk to almost nothing!! Thank you Julie for hooking us up with some fun stuff to review!!

The first package was some Green Salve from Motherlove Herbal Company This all natural versatile salve quickly and effectively takes the itch out of insect bites, bee stings and poison ivy. It soothes and eases the discomforts of rashes, chapped and irritated skin. A must for every home! Motherlove’s green salve has a zero rating (zero toxins) on EWG’s skin deep database and is made with 100% certified organic ingredients.

Green Salve from Motherlove Herbal Company is the most amazing thing for bug bites. We were in Iowa and Wisconsin where the mosquitoes are as big as birds and so are their bites!! My kiddos really swell up and this salve not only took out the sting and itch, it brought down the swelling as well. I highly recommend it. Thank you for the awesome surprise package Motherlove!!!

The second package was from Dandelion Earth-Friendly Goods We received two sets of the organic all natural table wares. The plates and silverware are made from corn. They are perfect size for our little people and a nice bright yellow color. The kids love them. My big complaint on them would be that they are NOT dishwasher or microwave safe. So we are careful about what gets served on them so I don't have to scrub too much!! Thanks Dandelion for the great surprise package!!

Sunday, August 07, 2011

Happy 4th Birthday Joey!! Blog by DADDY

It's Joey's Birthday weekend (he is turning 4). So I thought the boys (and Mommy (who stayed at home) would enjoy a day at the ABQ Sci-Fi convention and to top it off it was free for them and me to attend (Mil ID). Parking was a surprising $10 bucks (normally free on weekends). So after two+ hours of looking at toys Daddy and sibling once played with; we made our way to the signing booths. We hit a Star Trek original (“Chekov” or Walter Koenig) right as he came back from his break with no line. Trying to explain who he was to the boys was challenging; so I finally said this is the show Uncle Tim and Aunt Augusta like (not Star Wars). “Oh, I get it” Alan Said. We did get a signed autograph but skipped the picture (you can tell three boys asking Star Wars questions was starting to bother him.) So we got in line for Darth Maul (Ray Park)! Alan’s Birthday is later this month, I asked him if he wanted a signed autograph, of course being the fan he is, he made it simple. So I had them get out of line and we bought a Battle picture from Episode 1 fighting in the desert. I did not know he was also Snake Eyes (from GI Joe). Well the line took 45 plus minutes to get to the stage, and then when we got there the volunteer who was taken the money had to go to work (real job). Secondly a couple of VIPs had their collection signed (15 min wait), so the new person said we could have a “Free” autograph (since already paid for Alan’s with the last volunteer) good deal for Eddie (huge snake eyes fan). Well Joey starting flirting with the girl dressed in full Jedi costume and she let him turn on and off her $250+ fully fictional dual sword … so when it came our turn he could not care less about the meeting actor. The boy asked him about his “green Screen” and how much it hurt to be chopped in half … as he was signing Eddie’s when writing “go Joe” and Eddie said “I’m Eddie my brother is Joe” (with some attitude, very upset). Well Snake Eyes said, I have a brother too so I will have to get him his own and Joey got a free signed autograph too. He gave us a nice picture with all the boys. Then we were heading out the girls from “Buffy the Vampire Slayer” table was next and just returned from there break with no line and not all the way in their seats. Well the reach over to say hi and Joey plants a Kiss right on “Glory” lips and says “it’s my birthday I turned 4”. Fortunately she just laughed and he gave her a big squeeze hug; he just shook “Cordelia’s” hand. Well the quickly forming line behind us, made comments about Joey’s advancement and how do they get that treatment. Of course no pictures because this happened too fast and the boys thought it was “cool” they were Vampires compared to the “Moon guys”. I bought them a couple classic star wars/gi joe toys for being good and called it a day.

Here are some pictures from the day: