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Christmas at the Fair

Wow!! I'm still recovering from the weekend. Saturday was Christmas at the Fair in Panama City at the Fair grounds. I shared a booth of Stampin' Up hand stamped items with another demonstrator, Tammy. Here is a picture of our wonderful booth.

We sent in our application way back in July, but neither of us got to any serious stampin' until very recently. I was up past midnight every night last week and boy did it take a toll on me.

We didn't sell as much as we would have liked, but we had some GREAT neighbors. The booth to our right was Les & Lou All Things Beaded. They had some amazing cheese and wine serving products like hand beaded wine charms and cool cheese trays that were wine bottles melted flat in a kiln. The process is called slumping and sounds extremley interesting. Aunt Diana if you are reading this would be an AMAZING research project for you!! They have an online etsy store if you have time to check them out They have t…


Joey enjoyed his morning grits more than usual this morning!!! Mommy wasn't feeling very good this morning so Daddy was in charge of breakfast :)There are pictures in the 008_November web album on the New Saucer Family Website link and here comes the video.

The boys also received some great Halloween cards from Great Aunt Kathy. Mail is very exciting at our house. Here is Joey opening his card.