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March Pack Meeting

Last night was the March Pack Meeting for Alan's cub scouts. It was a BIG night for Alan. Because I didn't do something right on the computer system he hasn't gotten any of the belt loops he has earned. He got them ALL in one night and had no idea how many he was getting. Here is the video clip from the meeting.

When we got home he could hardly wait to count them all and put them on his belt!!

Catching Up Through Video Clips

Wow I can't believe how much time has passed since I wrote.  I apologize for keeping you out of the loop.  We are in the process of buying a house as well as selling a house.  We do have one under contract to buy, but the details will be for another blog entry.  Please pray that we are able to sell the house we live in very soon.  I did just update the 2010_March folder of pictures on Picasa (see the link to Saucer Family Pictures on the left).

I thought the best way to catch you up would be to post all the video clips from my "blog" folder so here we go.

This is taking longer than I thought.  It's been soooo long since I posted blogger has removed the video button I am used to using for posting my video clips.  I just finished uploading them to my YouTube account and will post the links here.

Joey Telling His First Knock Knock Joke

Alan's Cub Scout Den went to the local TV station for a tour. The weather man was a favorite because every scout got a turn to play…