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My Digital Studio/Pumpkin Patch Project

Stampin'Up just release the most AMAZING new computer program. It's called My Digital Studio and it is NOT just digital scrapbooking!! You can create personalized photo books in several sizes, handmade cards, and personalized calendars that can all be printed with lots of options. Then you can take these projects and make fun slide shows, interactive books, and movies as well as incorporate your home videos and personal audio recordings into the project. Here is a book I created with our Pumpkin Patch pictures then found a fun song and had the boys help me record some audio tracks.

Pumpkin Patch 2009

I'm finally recovered from our big trip last weekend. Missy and I took 2 mini vans and 8 kids 300 miles north to do our fmaily pumpkin patch tradition since Daniel was gone. Since we were staying farther north than usual at Grandma Joan's (Joan is Missy's mom) we decided to try a Pumpkin Patch in Hayden, AL that was closer to her house. They had all the same great fun as our usual on a little smaller scale. We had a blast despite the damp weather. We went to Missy's Aunt Patty's house for a birthday party on Saturday night. They live in the middle of beautiful nowhere and we even got to roast hotdogs and marshmellows on a bon fire outside!!! On Sunday we headed into Birmingham to watch the Toy Story double feature in 3-D. I got the tickets for my crew then took Aidan and my boys in to the bathroom while Missy got tickets for her crew. Then we got in line for popcorn. I had explained to Alan, Eddie, and Joey we would get one big popcorn to share and if there was any…