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Happy 7th Birthday Alan!!

Game Face

Alan pulled out his front tooth after school on Friday and insisted I take his picture with my phone so I could send it to Grandma.  I couldn't resist sharing it with you all.  It looks like he lost it in a hockey game :)

Joey's First Day of "School"

It's finally here, Joey's first day of school!!  He has been trying to go to school since Alan's first day on Wednesday.  He even tried to get on the school bus with him!!  He kept telling me "I go school, I go school too. Hmm."    By the time I made a second trip to the classroom with his tricycle (they get to ride bikes every Monday) he was so into play he wouldn't even say good bye.

First Day of Kindergarten

Eddie started kindergarten on Friday!!  He was so excited and they got a teacher hired for his class.  She wasn't there first thing in the morning because she had new hire paperwork at the district office downtown.  They had a "Kiss and Cry" breakfast for parents in the library.  I wasn't so excited about this until I found out it was for parents only and the kids were to stay in class.  Thankfully we let Eddie eat breakfast at home.  The principal spoke briefly about the school, the nurse reminded us of the health center rules, and the PTA president filled us in on the fun we could have in PTA.  Joey was happy to get some mini muffins and juice and was then promptly ready to leave!!  I am very happy to report that both Alan and Eddie were on the bus when it pulled up to the stop on the afternoon.

Eddie's comment as he got off the bus was "Today was the BEST day ever.  It was AWESOME!!"  He is very happy to be back at school and Joey can't wait to s…

First Day of School Panic Attack

Okay so most of you know I'm not the emotional mom on the first day of school. Alan started First Grade today and today was DIFFERENT!! I don't know why it was so hard to hold back the tears as the school bus pulled away. I suspect it had something to do with the fact he was riding the bus and I wasn't leaving him in a classroom with a smiling teacher and lots of new friends. Another part of it was knowing he was going to a bare walled classroom with a SUBSTITUTE teacher until they hire a full time teacher for his class.
It's a good thing we were early to get to the bus stop. The bus came a full 10 minutes early!!

Joey ran right for the doors trying to get on the bus and was quite upset he didn't get to ride.  He kept saying "I go school, I go school"
Our school only goes half day on EVERY Wednesday so the morning went incredibly fast. I had to take Eddie to Kindergarten for academic assessments which he did very well on according to his newly hired…

A Great Visit from Uncle James and the Kiddos!!

I am way behind in blogging about the summer, but wanted to get this video clip of my niece up so you'll have to read about our summer endeavors another time. James, Thomas, and Lilly Bug arrived late last night. We have been chillin' out around the house and the kids have been playing all day!! Here is a fun video of Lilly playing peek a boo with Alan and Joey. Sorry about the streak of light down the middle. I so need to find a good solution to the sliding glass patio doors!