Wednesday, July 04, 2012

Saturday, June 30th, 2012
Today was the Looney Hooley at Teresa Berg’s.  We didn’t get there at the beginning so we didn’t play in the horse shoe tournament this year.  The boys sent straight to the kiddie pool to play.  It was great seeing all the Looney side of the family.  A group of us played Mexican Dominoes.  It was quite the game as no one seemed to be sure of the rules and we seemed to change them frequently throughout the game J  When the sun started going down someone got the fire going in the fire pit.  The smores supplies appeared and we had a yummy, sticky mess!!  It was a full moon so we decided it was finally dark enough for the fireworks at 10pm.  They were AMAZING and we taught the kids to scream, “Honk Honk” when they really liked them!!

I didn't have my camera out, but Alan took some pictures on a hand me down camera he got from Aunt Kathy. 

Tuesday, July 03, 2012

Saucer Summer Tour Part 17

Tuesday, June 26th, 2012
Today we relaxed in the morning.  I took the van to the Mobile Lube Express to get a much needed oil change.  They had different qualities of oil so I chose to get the oil that will last for 5,000 miles to be sure I won’t need to change the oil again before we get back to Albuquerque.

Uncle Neil came home for lunch and we had left over pizza.  It’s even better the 2nd day J  After lunch we headed downtown to check out the new Children’s Museum.  It was AWESOME!!  The first area we played in was the PACKER area of course!!  They had a tailgate area set up, a kicking station, and a locker room where kids could wear child sized uniforms of their favorite Packer players!!  Eddie was in heaven and convinced he could get a real helmet here.  The other favorite play areas of the museum were the digestion station where you climbed up the tongue and traveled through the digestion system to a slide into the toilet!!  They also enjoyed dressing in real firemen clothes and boots to slide down the pole, drive the fire truck and play a cool video game where you put electronic fires out with a fake hose. 
Next door to the fire station was an old fashion diner where you could dress in a chef’s hat and apron and run the kitchen, cash register, and wait on the customers.  They had a juke box with an instructional video teaching the popular dances from the 1960’s.  As Aunt Kathy and I sat at the counter being customers and watching all the kids cook in the kitchen I couldn’t help but think of the supper club my parents ran when I was a kid.  It would be so awesome for my kids to see and experience.  This was as close as we could get to those memories.
Another popular play area was the water table that made a mote around a big ship!!  The kids could dress in yellow fishermen slickers. They had magnetic fish swimming in the mote at the back of the boat and little fishing poles with magnets on the end.  They had a BLAST!!  They also had a light house with a sand box at the base to play in. 
The boys really enjoyed operating cash registers today.  They had one in the diner as well as the shoe store play area and of course there was a grocery store to shop.  They had a hand crank conveyor belt at the grocery cash register.  We finished our play time in the Packer area while Aunt Kathy up graded our admission to a whole year grandparent pass!!  I’m sure she will use it and have a ball playing all year J
After the museum we head to hunt for new Packer Gear.  The first stop was a strike out, but we struck it big at the Packer Pro Shop at Lambeau Field!!  Aunt Kathy got the boys their own Green Bay Packer uniforms that included the helmet Eddie has been wanting and talking about since September when watching the games with Daddy.  She also got Mommy a new hot pink baseball cap and lanyard for her school keys.  Daddy will be getting surprises from her when we get home too.  Thank you soooooo much Aunt Kathy!!!
We headed back to the house and Uncle Neil built a fire in the Chimanea on the back deck.  The boys got in the hot tub and the grown ups chatted on the deck with snacks.  Then Uncle Neil cooked brats on the grill.  YUMMY!!
Wednesday, June 27th, 2012
Today we were up early and loading the van to share another childhood memory with the boys.  We were headed “Up North” to Boulder Lake!!  Laura and her family have a trailer on the lake just like her parents did when we were kids.   We got the cars and van unloaded and organized and it was time to check on the boat.  Aunt Kathy and I took it for a ride around the lake.  When we got back to the trailer  Lisa Brice (Laura’s cousin), her niece Thayla, and her kids; Colton, Weston, and Lexi had arrived and were getting unloaded. 
We made sure all the kids would have life jackets and loaded things up to take them down to the dock and load the boat.  We got everyone to the beach and hooked up the tube.  Aunt Kathy took, Thayla, Alan, and Eddie in the boat and I went on the tube to show the boys what “Tubing” would be like.  I even fell off to show them how to grab their life jackets and kick while the boat turned back to come get you.  Eddie couldn’t wait to be next and of course he wanted to go solo!!  We reviewed the hand signals; thumbs up to go faster, thumbs down to go slower and hand across your neck to STOP.  Eddie was so excited to have his turn.  He even gave us the thumbs up to go faster!! 
Next was Alan’s turn and he was egger to go solo as well!!  We reviewed the hand signals again and he was in the water with a big smile J  After his turn Thayla had a go and she was a pro!!  We decided to head back to the beach for a short break and some snacks.  Then we talked Joey, Jack and Coleton into joining the crew.  Eddie took another turn on the tube and even went out of the wake this time!!  Then it was time for Alan to have another turn.
I tried to get Joey to go, but just wanted to ride in the boat.  Aunt Kathy told him he could drive the boat if he did the tube.  He still wasn’t convinced.  I managed to get him to at least get on the tube for a picture.  From there we talked him into a SLOW ride.  It was too slow and he drank part of the lake.  When we pulled him in on the tube I just jumped on top of him before he could get off and we went full speed together.  He squealed with delight after we got going.  It was a BLAST!!  Jack was watching and taking it all in from the boat.  When Joey got off we talked him into riding with Cousin Amy too!!   Thayal had another turn and went super fast crossing in and out of the wake!! 
We decided to hang out at the beach for a while.  Time flew by and it was after 5pm the next time we checked.  Boulder lake only allows boats to go fast enough to create a wake from 10am -5pm so that meant no more tubing L  Eddie was super ticked off!!  He talked Aunt Kathy into letting him ride the tube without the wake back to the dock.  We got everything and everyone loaded back into the boat and headed back to the trailer.
The boys got dressed in dry clothes and Thayla took them out on the golf cart to hunt for sticks.  We got a fire going and Laura took me over to Echo Lake resort to see their old trailer.  When we got back Aunt Kathy and the boys had a fire going in the fire pit.  We made burgers on the grill and sat around the fire all night.  Joey crashed before the burgers were done and Alan crashed right after he had a burger.  Eddie outlasted all the kids and was up until the grown ups went to bed around 2am.  He slept on the top bunk and Aunt Kathy and I took the full size bed below.  Aunt Kathy managed to start a total giggle fest as she has a tendency to do.  All three of us were giggling for a long time before were fell asleep!!

Pictures from Green Bay are HERE.
Pictures from Boulder Lake are HERE.

Monday, July 02, 2012

Saucer Summer Tour Part 16

Sunday,  June 24th,  2012
Today we went to Aunt Denise and Uncle Dennis’s house.  We just relaxed catching up with Marisa before she headed to the lake with her friends.  I can’t believe she will be starting her Senior year of high school in the fall!!  The boys were excited to watch their movies in the theatre while the grown ups talked J
Tim, April, Ian and Simon came over for dinner.  We had an awesome spiral cut ham and all kinds of summer sides!!  The boys were super excited to try the new Capri Suns V.  They have a complete serving of vegetables in every pouch!!

Monday, June 25th, 2012
Today was a driving day.  We are headed to Green Bay and drove  455 miles.  We drove through Chicago and Milwaukee along the way.  It was 4:30pm when we pulled into the driveway at Aunt Kathy and Uncle Neil’s.  We visited a short time and headed straight for Bay Beach!!  We were in luck as it was kids’ day and the kids could ride unlimited FREE!!  Tickets at Bay Beach are only 25cents and each ride is 1-2 tickets to ride.  We started on the ferris wheel.  It has to be the FASTEST one I’ve ever been on!!  We went all the way around 24 times.  After the ferris wheel we did the train ride.  Then Alan and Eddie stayed with Mommy and did the super fast spinning swings.  Joey and Jack went to do some calmer rides with Aunt Kathy.  We did a bunch more rides and ordered pizza from Gallagher’s to be delivered.  The boys were up SUPER late!!