Thursday, April 09, 2009

Day 5 Magic Kingdom and Goodbye Disney

Friday, April 4th
Magic Kingdom Part 2

The boys must have had some wild dreams last night to wake like this.

Grandma, Mommy, Alan and Eddie headed downstairs for breakfast around 8:30am. The boys stopped by Herbie for a little play time.

While we were eating breakfast the sky opened up and it POURED!!! We took our time with breakfast thinking the rain would pass, but it just kept coming so we got ponchos in the gift shop $30 allowing Grandma to purchase a nice canvas bag for an additional $10. Then it was outside to catch the bus. We got to Magic Kingdom not long after it opened and headed straight for Tomorrow Land to ride Buzz Lightyear. We got a Fast Pass Ticket for later. The man working the Fast Pass machines was from Pella, IA. He told us the line was only 10 minutes so we also rode right away. The first time Eddie and Grandma rode together and Alan and Mommy rode together.

When we got off the ride we had some time before our Fast Pass tickets would work so we rode the Carousel of Progress. The seats move around a circular stage and watch a family pass from the turn of the century through the 90’s.

Then it was back to Buzz Lightyear. This time Alan rode with Grandma and Eddie rode with Mommy.

Then I asked Alan if he wanted to take Grandma on Space Mountain. He said yes so I led the group right up to the lady working the Fast Pass machines. I walked past all the people waiting to get tickets and asked her for a parent swap ticket. She said oh you need a child swap ticket. I said yes please and we were off. The child swap ticket is for families that have kids who don’t meet the height requirement. The first parent stands in the long line with anyone who is tall enough to ride. Then when they finish the ride the parent that waited with the short folk get to take the swap ticket and go straight to the front of the line without waiting at all. Well I don’t care about Space Mountain so I handed the ticket to Grandma, grabbed their hats and the tote bag and shoved them into the fast line telling Grandma to meet us at the Tea Cups. She was very confused and said she didn’t know where they were. I told her to grab a map and to have fun on Space Mountain. Her face lit up and they were off.

Mommy and Eddie then headed to Peter Pan’s Flight to get Fast Passes for the group. There wasn’t a line for Cinderella’s Golden Carousel so we rode the hoursed and finished just as Grandma called to say they were at the Tea Cups so we headed over to meet them.

Grandma took the boys on the Mad Tea Cups since Mommy’s tummy couldn’t handle it a second time.

We still had time before we could go on the Peter Pan ride so we caught the Mickey Philharmagic 3D show. The movie takes you through all kinds of Disney movies: The Little Mermaid, Lion King, Aladdin, Peter Pan, and I’m sure I missed a few.

There was just enough time to catch It’s a Small World before Peter Pan’s Flight.

Then it was off to Never Never Land and the Peter Pan’s Flight ride.

When the ride finished it was almost 2pm so we decided to get our laser shooter guns at the Buzz Light year ride for the vacation souvenir and catch the bus back to the hotel for a nap. On the way back to tomorrow land we saw Cinderella’s step mother and step sisters and it looked like a street show was about to start. They told us to come up the ramp so we did. It was just a photo op, but they were quite the characters to meet.

Then we continued on our way to Tomorrow Land. The cashier offered to get the packaging off the guns. I sent Grandma and the boys to press pennies with Buzz images while she did this. Then I looked up and noticed the opportunity to meet Buzz himself so we got in line to meet him.

On our way out of the park we noticed there was no wait for the Monsters Inc show so we decided to go. Then it was off to the bus stop to wait for a ride back to the resort.

When we got back to the room we made some sandwiches and had a birthday party for Eddie. He got to open some presents that Grandma brought and we sang and ate a huge chocolate cupcake.

After a nap we took the boys down to the pool where they even got Grandma to swim with them!!

Daddy grabbed a pizza on the way back to the room and we left the kids with Grandma. Then we grabbed the bus to Downtown Disney to shop and grab some dinner. We ate at Bongos a great Cuban dinner with live music and headed back to the room.

In the morning we got all the bags packed up and Grandma, Mommy, Alan, Eddie, and Joey explored the Toy Story section of the hotel while Daddy loaded the van.

Then it was off to the Sanford Orlando Airport to take Grandma to her plane. Then we went back into Orlando to the Ikea store and had a Swedish lunch at their café. They have this play area you sign in your potty trained kids that are between 37 and 54 inches tall to play for an hour while you shop. The big boys had a great time while Mommy, Daddy, and Joey walked through the store. Then it was off to a 6 hour drive back to Panama City. We got home around 8:15pm. Daddy unloaded the van and mommy helped the boys with a bath. Then Alan and Eddie helped get everything unpacked and Mommy got a few loads of laundry done. My head hit the pillow around 10:30pm and Daniel let me sleep in almost ‘til noon today. The laundry is still running and I hope to get pictures sorted and start posting on the blog.

Wednesday, April 08, 2009

Day 4 Epcot

Thursday, April 2 2009

Last night we grabbed the maps for Epcot on our way upstairs to plan the day for today. Grandma and Joey really got into the map reading. Then Grandma read bedtime stories to the boys.

This morning Joey was up before us all and decided to serenade us for an hour until the alarm went off at 8am. We were dressed and headed to the bus by 9am. Daddy is fighting his sinuses and has a back ache so I was worried about how we would hold up for the 4th FULL day of Disney excitement.

We found out there is a ride at Epcot that is as popular as the Toy Story ride was at Hollywood Studios and didn’t want to make the same mistake twice so Daniel took off to get Fast Pass Tickets for Soarin’ right away!! Mommy and Grandma took the boys to Innoventions to play with the toys and tools of tomorrow. Alan and Eddie went right for the Fire Safety Show with Grandma. Mommy and Joey walked around and scoped things out. We found out about the Kim Possible World Showcase Adventure. You have to get a ticket for a time to meet and get your assignment and communicator. Daddy had the tickets to get the Fast Pass so we had to wait until he met up with us. The Fire Safety had a miniature house at the end of the presentation where they taught the kids how to make a plan to get out of their own homes and meet at a family meeting spot. Then there was a cool fire truck to look at and stand in front of for a picture. You had to push a button on top of a fire hydrant and it took your picture. Then you could edit the picture and add stickers to it before emailing it to friends. I sent it to myself and dad since I have been living without internet all week!!

Daddy arrived right on que just as I hit the send button. We got the ticket for Kim Possible and headed to The Seas with Nemo & Friends. This was a really cool ride with cars shaped like shells and you rode in the dark through the sea and different parts of the movie. There were real aquariums and the characters from Finding Nemo were projected into the show.
After the ride you could take your time touring the aquariums and there was an arts and crafts center for the kids. The aquariums were AWESOME. We even saw dolphins and sharks!! They had several divers working with the fish and feeding them. There were some smaller aquariums with real clown fish and other fish from the movie. I think you could spend hours in this attraction!!

We finished up in time to head to “The Land” to use our Fast Pass tickets to Soarin’. Joey didn’t meet the height requirement so Grandma spent some time with him while the rest of our crew hit the line. Just as we were in our specific rows and next to go into the attraction Alan informed me he was gonna pee his pants. Daniel talked to the lady working the line and she had me step to the side to save the spot while Daniel took the boys all the way to the beginning to go potty and he was allowed to come all the way to the front of the line and we barely got in the next show. I was yelling at Daniel to run with Eddie and the workers were telling him NOT to run!! The ride holds 87 people and lasts 5 minutes. It takes as long to filter people out and seat the new people as it does for the ride to run. I learned a lot while I was waiting!! You get strapped into seats and put any flip flop type shoes that may fall off in storage. Then the lights go out and floor goes out from underneath you while the movie starts on a concave screen and your “hand glider” takes off over all kinds of cool scenery. They also had smells enhance what you were seeing. Like in the mountains and evergreens you could smell evergreens and in the citrus groves you could smell the oranges!! It really was awesome even if I had sea legs afterward and felt a little nausea at different points of the ride. Alan thought he was part of the movie and LOVED this ride!!!

I went to the bathroom while Daniel called Grandma and Joey to meet us at the Living With The Land boat voyage through amazing greenhouses and a fish farm. This was a really cool boat ride through the history of agriculture and reminded me a little of the days working at Living History Farms in Des Moines. Then you got to go through the future of farming and see all kinds of hydroponics and aeroponics growing plants that were HUGE and could grow all year round. They also had exhibits of works in progress.

Then Daniel and Alan went to get Fast Pass Tickets for the Test Track ride while Grandma, Mommy, Eddie and Joey headed to meet them in Norway for lunch.

We had a great lunch in Norway then got our communicator and assignment for Kim Possible. We were assigned to France on the complete opposite side of the park. We closed the cell phone communicator from Verizon and decided to go on the Maelstrom Viking Boat Voyage in Norway and take our time getting to France to complete our mission. The communicator cell phone was a very exciting thing and caused some fighting among ALL 3 boys!! Next time we will have to get more than one.

We started our journey to France. First we walked through China, Germany, Italy, and America. We stopped in America for the colonial band and to grab a picture with a Disney quote that mom has a picture of Paul and I standing next to when we came here as kids.

Our journey to France continued through Japan and Morocco. The mission in France took FOREVER!!! Grandma, Mommy, Eddie and Joey dropped out and let Alan and Daddy finish the mission. At the end of the mission they were sent on to Japan for a second set of scavenger hunt things to find. When the mission was over it was time for the tall people to go on the Test Track where you board the GM vehicle on the longest, fastest attraction in Disney history!!! Mommy and Joey went to find out about Honey, I shrunk the audience. We ended up riding Journey Into Imagination With Figment ride since there was NO waiting!!! It was a tour kind of ride and Joey seemed to like it quite a bit. It ended with a bunch of photo booths to take your picture and doctor it to email again. Joey was toooooooo tired to doctor it so I just emailed it to myself.

After the tall people finished Test Track Grandma let Alan and Eddie create their own Gigantic pixie sticks in a gift shop!!!

After the sugar rush it was time for the Honey I Shrunk the Audience 3-D show. The boys wereeall soooo tired and cranky and all they wanted to do was SIT DOWN. The waiting area was a place were they kept reminding you that you couldn’t sit on the floor!!! It seemed like forever and we had to stand through a 10 minute Kodak commercial before we could finally take our seats in the theatre. Alan really likes these 3D attractions even though there are parts that really scare him 

There was still NO WAIT for the Journey Into Imagination With Figment so we all went on the ride and skipped the photo booth all together. Eddie, Joey and Grandma did find a sound activity to play with on the way out though.

Then it was off to Spaceship Earth. I immediately remembered this ride from the visit when I was a kid as the blue cars pulled up for you to board your trip through the past and into the future. There is a new touch screen in the front of the car where you answer some questions and they personalize the journey for you including a cool picture and the option to send a video postcard of the picture through email at the end of the ride.

Then we took the ferry boat across the Lake to have dinner in Germany.

Oh let me explain the Nemo treat. While I was emailing the electronic postcard from Spaceship Earth Joey got a hold of Eddies’ HUGE pixie stick and dumped a bunch on the bench causing a HUGE meltdown. Grandma took him back to the gift shop and he choose this treat instead of a new pixie stick.

In Germany we paid a fortune for Brats and Beer and decided to stay for the fireworks. Daniel thought it would be fun to just stroll through the rest of the countries and get different food to sample as we went. The next country was Italy and the restaurant was reservations only. They had a cool replica of the Trevi Fountain. The legend is when you throw your coin in this fountain in Rome you will find your true love within a year. I happened to have thrown a coin in this very fountain during spring break 1999 and was MARRIED before the year was up!!! Daniel even let the Disney photographer take our picture in front of the fountain.

When we reached America we decided to try for a picture of all three boys with the quote.

Japan had an awesome drum show going on so Eddie, Grandma, Joey and Mommy took a seat in the street to watch while Daniel and Alan went to check out the food. We passed on the food, but really enjoyed the show. If it would have been 5 minutes longer the rhythm would have lulled Joey to sleep.

Then we arrived in Morocco and the live music and belly dancing in the street was AWESOME!!! Again Daniel and Alan went in search of food while the rest of us enjoyed the entertainment. They were gone a really long time and came back with a plate of delicious food. We had chicken, lamb, humus, couscous, and some tangy salad and olives.

After the food and a potty break it was almost time for the fireworks show. There was a great place with a gap in the bushes for the boys to see EVERYTHING so we sat on the ground to watch. Daniel took Alan to get his popcorn treat and we just hung out ‘til the show started. It was sooo cool with fire, fireworks, laser lights and this really neat glowing earth that opened and shot out a bunch of fireworks at the end of the show.

Walking back to the bus there was a section of side walk with little spots glowing like the fireworks landed there. With the flash from the camera you can’t really see that effect here.

We made it to bus stop 15 to catch the bus and Joey fell asleep on the way to the bus stop. He transferred to my arms without flinching and Alan and Eddie both fell asleep on the bus. We tossed them in the tub and got them ready for bed. Then I grabbed the laptop and I’m sitting in the resort café to write tonight because the light was keeping the boy awake while I wrote last night and it’s now just after midnight. The plan for tomorrow is for Grandma, Mommy, Alan and Eddie to hit Magic Kingdom first thing and come back to the room for lunch and LONG naps. Then the whole crew hopes to return to Magic Kingdom and stay for the ending fireworks for our last day of vacation. Stay tuned for details.

Tuesday, April 07, 2009

Day 3 Disney Hollywood Studios

Wednesday, April 1 2009
Disney Hollywood Studios

I’m really not sure how the wake up went this morning because I wasn’t the first one up. I know Grandma and Daddy didn’t get in until way late because Grandma actually flew into Sanford Airport NOT the Orlando Airport. Daniel made the discovery before she landed and was in route the extra 40 some miles to pick her up. Life is always an adventure when you travel 

The boys all slept through the rearranging and organizing and were very happy to see Grandma this morning. Daddy and Joey were going to stay in the room and join the rest of us at the park later so Daniel took our dirty clothes downstairs to the resort laundry mat to wash them. Then at 8:30 Grandma and Mommy took Alan and Eddie down to the bus and headed to Disney Hollywood Studios.

We arrived to the park right before they opened. We had plenty of time to take Grandma and activate her ticket. Thank God Daniel was thinking ahead and gave me his active duty military id to be successful with this task!!! Then we asked some park employees about the park entrance for breakfast. They gave us directions to the restaurant and we headed in that direction once they opened the gates to the park.

We had 10:10am reservations to eat breakfast with Jo Jo and Little Einsteins from Playhouse Disney at the Play N’ Dine at Hollywood & Vine restaurant. It was only 9am, but the lady said it was no problem if we were hungry we could go right in!! We got to meet Leo and June from Little Einsteins and Jo Jo and her Lion while we had a great buffet to include Mickey waffles. They had little mini shows with music for the kids to sing and dance along with the characters!!

After breakfast we caught park of the High School Musical 3 show going on at the Sorcerer’s hat and headed to Animation Courtyard.

There was only a 5 minute wait to see the Play House Disney Live on Stage show where we helped Mickey and the gang throw Minnie Mouse a Surprise Birthday Party. We had to use the tools in OH Toodles: Handy Many, Little Einsteins, and My Friends Tiger and Pooh to prepare for the party. Goofy needed help making the cake and the story with Handy Many showed him how to work together to get a big job done. Then Donald got help from the Little Einsteins to see how an overwhelming job could be accomplished with cheering and encouragement from your friends. He was able to get help from his audience friends to write Minnie a song for her birthday present. Finally Daisy needed help hanging the birthday banner and we saw how Our Friends Tiger and Pooh asked their friends for help to get a kite unstuck from a tree.

When the show let out we say there was no wait at the Magic of Disney Animation. The lady explained all the planning that goes into the characters of an animated movie. Mushu from Mulan was the example they used to see how much they change as the movie develops. He wasn’t even supposed to be a dragon when they were first developing the movie then he evolved into 2 dragons from there a 2 headed dragon and from there the little red dragon we all know and love.

The exit from the presentation allowed us to look at some amazing artifacts of animation and they even had a real live artist drawing in one exhibit. When we walked a little farther we saw you could meet characters!!

We got in line to meet Sorcerer Mickey. Daniel called to say he and Joey had arrived at the park and would wait for us to finish.

There was also a line to meet characters for the movie bolt. The boys really wanted to meet them too so we got in line and sent Daddy and Joey off to lunch. I got to practice my Spanish with a family from Mexico while we waited in line. Bolt left just 2 groups before us and we only got to meet the hamster named, Rhino. The boys didn’t seem too upset by this as we haven’t seen the movie yet.

The last line was to meet the Incredibles. We got to meet Elastagirl because the others were on break.

Meeting all these characters took a VERY VERY long time!!! We called Daddy and Joey when we finished and they were just finishing lunch and we ALL needed a potty break. It was off to the Commissary to find them.

After our pit stop it was off to get Fast Pass Tickets to the Atar Tours Star Wars flight simulator ride. I noticed the guy working was named Diego and looked a lot like the character from Nick that Eddie LOVES named Diego. I hollered for the big boys and we took a picture with him. Eddie thinks he was the real Diego and was soooo amazed.

Then we were of to catch the Lights, Motors, Action! Extreme Stunt Show. We got to see how they do the cool car/motor cycle stunts in movies. They had cars that were identical only one had the driver facing out the back making it appear that the cars was going backwards. They also had cars were the driver was in a go kart like contraption on the back side of the car making the car appear to drive itself like the infamous #53 Herbie. There were lots of stunts, explosions and action on the set. This is a must see show!!!

Then the tall people headed to the Star Wars ride while Mommy and Joey went to look for the Toy Story ride to get Fast Pass Tickets. We were unsuccessful as the ride is soooo popular ALL the Fast Pass tickets were used up before 3pm for the whole day!!! What a disappointment 

We went back to the Star Wars ride to wait for the tall people and bought a popsicle while we waited. We got caught and Alan and Eddie talked Daddy into buying them ice cream treats too.

We went to the Great Movie Ride where you watch clips of all kinds of classic movies while you wait in line. Then you get in a vehicle to tour through scenes from all kinds of movies. My favorite was Wizzard of Oz where the Munchkins sang.

It was raining when we got done with this ride, but we didn’t let that get us down. We headed to check the wait time for the Toy Story Midway Mania and were surprised it was 110 minutes wait time!! No way could our crew handle that much waiting so we went to the Journey Into Narnia: Prince Caspian 15 minute show from the movie.

When the show let out it was still over 100 minute wait for Toy Story so we proceeded to find Lighting McQueen and Mater from Cars.

When we finished meeting Mater and Lighting McQueen there was less than a 10 minute wait for the Muppets Vision 3D show so we headed in that direction.
It was a great 3D interactive show totally Disney style and one of Grandma’s favorites of the day!!!

The show let out just in time to get in line for the very last showing of the Indinan Jones Epic Stunt Spectacular!!. The “30 minuted live show featuring edge-of-your-seat stunts and adventure included extras from the audience. You guessed it Mommy got to be in the show!!!

They tell me Joey knew it was me on stage and fussed wanting to sit with me. He practically jumped in my arms when I got back to the seats!!

We went to check the wait time on Toy Story again and it was up to 120 minutes. We were fried and no way gonna make a 2 hr wait. Daniel went to get a Fast Pass for the Rock ‘n’ Roller Coaster and the rest of us went to scope out the American Idol stuff. We decided the boys were too tired and the American Idol wasn’t worth it so we went to find Daniel. He had no luck as the Fast Pass Tickets ran out for that ride, but he got some for The Twilight Zone Tower of Terror. We were all soooo tired we gave them to some teen age boy near by and headed out of the park to catch the bus to our hotel. We threw the boys in the tub and just finished pizza. We are hanging out with grandma and about to go to bed for the night. Stay tuned for details from Epcot tomorrow.

Monday, April 06, 2009

Day 2 Disney Animal Kingdom

Tuesday, March 31 2009
Animal Kingdom

We started the day with a 7am alarm and the morning started almost the same as yesterday with showers and breakfast in the room. Then we got in the Animal Kingdom shuttle bus line and our day began. We waited at the park entrance and got coffee.

We were off to Africa to start our adventure. The gates opened with a short show from our Classic Characters reviewing safety, sunblock, and maps.

The Tree of Life is at the center of the park. Here are some pictures as we first entered Africa.

Daddy went to get Fast Pass Tickets for the Kilimanjaro Safari and we walked through the Pangani Forest Exploration Trail to see the animals while we waited to go on the Safari.

We still had some time so we boarded the Wildlife Express Train to Rafiki’s Planet Watch.

There was a great petting zoo where the kids could brush goats that would just lay there for them. Nothing like the diary goats from the good ole 4-H days in Frankville.

After we washed out hands and headed inside we were able to watch the Disney Veterinarians do a bird physical. A bit of exploring the building and the perfect timing started for the day. We got lucky and were first to meet Rafiki himself as well as Jimney Cricket.

We were the last in the group for the next train back to Africa. We arrived just 5 minutes after our Fast Pass expired, but the guy let us in anyway. After a short wait we were boarding the jeeps. Joey passed out between Daniel and I and stayed asleep for the transition to the stroller he was sooo tired!!

Then we asked the boys if they wanted to eat lunch or go do a Bug’s Life. As we were looking for places to eat we found a display board that had the wait times for all the park attractions and the wait time for It’s Tough to be a Bug show was only 5 minutes so off we went. The sow is inside the Tree of Life and the boys were very excited about the 3D glasses we got on our way in. The wait seemed like FOREVER as it was dark, hot and crowded inside the tree. We finally got to find our seats inside the theatre and Alan had to sit on my lap so we would all fit. The show was hosted by the Ant from A Bug’s Life movie and the 3D show was interactive with stingers poking you in the back, puffs of air and water effects to boot.

Then it was time to head to DinoLand USA in search of lunch. We ran into Missy and the gang on our way and visited for a minute. We had a time table in place with time on our side so far for the day. We headed to the Dinosaur ride to get Fast Passes then it was off to Restaurantosaurus for lunch. Tables were at a premium. Eddie, Joey, and I had to hang out and watch for people leaving while Alan and Daniel got our food. We managed to politely ask a family if they were headed out and snag a table that was being eyed from a few yards away. We we finished eating another mom had the same conversation with me, but an employee jumped in and said there were people who already had their food looking for places to sit. Joey grabbed his cup of fries as I practically tossed him into the stroller, threw away the trash and grabbed Eddie’s hand. I wasn’t going to hang around for a table fight!!!

We found Daniel after a bit of bad communication and the fact we raced away from the table where he left us. Then it was time to get in line for the Finding Nemo the Musical show. This event was a favorite for Eddie. The actors were awesome blending in with the puppets as they danced. I really wasn’t sure what to expect. They did a very short version of the movie with all the highlights in song and dance with AMAZING puppets and choreography!!

The Dinosaur ride had a height requirement so Daniel took Alan and Eddie to see if they would honor our Fast Pass even though it was 30min after our time slot. They had no problem going on the ride. Joey and Mommy enjoyed a frozen OJ on a stick and some cold bottled water while we waited. The ride let out just as we finished a potty break.

After the big boys hit the potty we headed to Fossil Fun Games. This is a cool playland area for kids under age 10. Joey took off and had a blast. He has no fear and once he found the stairs to the tall slides he was down the slide and up the stairs in a flash!!

We walked around for a bit figuring out a plan to get to the parade. Alan had a melt down about his face burning from the sun so Daniel took him to wash his face and calm down. Then we found a spot for the parade where a lady offered to let Alan and Eddie stand in front of her to watch. Joey was out like a light in the stroller so Daniel took him back from the street to allow others to see the parade better and I stayed with Alan and Eddie to enjoy the show and take pictures.

It was starting to sprinkle after the parade so we headed to the park exit to catch the bus back to the hotel. We had a Disney Photographer take a family picture infront of the Tree of Life on the way out.

The park was closing in just an hour so we didn’t miss too much of our day. The next vacation we’ll have to do the Lion King show and Camp Minnie-Mickey. We will get a chance to meet most of those characters (not in safari gear of course) on Friday at Magic Kingdom. We got standing spots on the 3rd bus back to the hotel and decided to get off at the Disney All Star Music resort next to our resort to explore and walk back. Alan was a bit confused because the set up is identical to ours, but the fountain figure in the swimming pool was different. He said Daddy how did they change the pool? He’s a very observant little boy 

We got back to the room for sandwiches and showers then we got the boys settled in for the night and Daniel went to stock up on juice boxes and snacks before heading to the air port to pick up grandma. I can’t wait to see the boys reaction to her arrival!! Eddie is already asleep and Joey is fighting it. Alan is almost out as well. I’m watching American Idol as I type out our day. Tomorrow Mommy and Grandma are taking Alan and Eddie to breakfast with Little Einsteins!! We will be sending the day at Disney Hollywood Studios. Stay tuned for details.

Disney Pictures

The Disney Pictures are all (333) posted in an album on Picasa. Just Click on the Saucer Family Website Link to the Left and watch for details about our other 4 days of vacation.

Sunday, April 05, 2009

Disney Day 1

Well I thought I could outsmart blogger and put the pictures right in the word file then copy and paste the whole file, but blogger only lets you paste the words. I'll post this entry and then get all the pictures from the whole trip posted to picasa for you to "see" our vacation. I'll post each day separately for you to "read" about our vacation. Monday, March 30th Magic Kingdom The cell phone alarm went off at 7am (we learned the hard way not to trust hotel alarm clocks). I jumped in the shower and we got all 3 boys dressed and fed and out the door to catch the bus by 8am. The shuttle bus had us to the Magic Kingdom and through the first set of turn styles before the park opened!! Our Hotel Shuttle Bus We asked some people from Australia to take this picture of us waiting for the park to open. They do a quick welcome song and dance and the classic characters; Mickey, Minnie, Donald, Daisy, Goofy, and Pluto ride a train in to welcome the crowd to the most Magical place on Earth!! Once inside the gates we headed to Tomorrow Land and rushed right through the line to ride Buzz Light Year’s Space Ranger Spin. Then it was off to Space Mountain to see who was tall enough to ride. Alan was barely tall enough and Eddie just missed it. They gave me a fast pass ticket to be able to ride when Daddy and Alan were finished. I tucked it away for later and took Eddie and Joey to drive the Race Cars at the Tomorrowland Indy Speedway. This was Eddie’s favorite last time and he was soooo excited to get to be the “driver” and steer the car (it’s on a track). My cell phone rang as we finished the ride and Daddy and Alan had just finished Space Mountain. Alan’s first reaction to Space Mountain was the logical fear. Daniel said everyone had to sit separately and Alan choose to sit in the front seat!! The ride is a super fast roller coaster that goes upside down and is 100% in the dark. Daniel also said Alan stayed for calm for the whole ride. He told Daddy he was scared half way through the ride so Daddy gave his shoulder a squeeze and they both survived the ride. When we asked him at the end of the day what his favorite ride was he said he had 2; Buzz Light Year and Space Mountain!! I’m sooo proud of him for going on the ride to begin with. I remember riding this with my dad at age 12 very vividly and was relieved when Daniel wanted to take him on the ride  We couldn’t have asked for better timing. Alan wanted to do the race cars too so Daddy took Alan and Eddie on them again. Mommy and Joey went to get a Fast Pass ticket for Peter Pan’s Flight. The we noticed the line to meet Alice in Wonderland wasn’t very long. I thought that would make a great picture. Again we had perfect timing and the cell phone rang. We were 2nd in line when Daddy showed up with Alan and Eddie!! We were right next to the Mad Tea Party spinning tea cups so we got in line. Joey did NOT like this ride and Mommy’s stomach decided this would be a no repeat ride for her as well  The cell phone rang again and it was time to head back to Tomorrowland. We found a shady spot to wait until Missy, Ketan, Aidan and Emily were in view then pointed them out to the boys. They were soooo excited to see their friends!! It was time for our Fast Pass tickets to Peter Pan’s Flight so we went to get Fast Pass Tickets for the Buzz Light Year ride so Alan and Aidan could ride it together. I handed Missy the extra Fast Pass for her to take Aidan on Space Mountain while we went to Peter Pan’s Flight with plans to meet for the Fast Pass Time to do Buzz Light Year. We finished the ride and I offered to take a picture for a family if they would return the favor and this has to be one of my favorite pictures of the day. Then we happened upon the Move It! Shake It! Celebrate It! Street Party. The float with Woody and Jesse from Toy Story stopped in front of us and we were allowed to get into the parade and Move It, Shake It and Celebrate It with them!!! Alan was really getting into all the dance moves and they had a blast. Then it was back to Buzz Light Year with our friends. When this ride was finished we saw there was only a 10 minute wait for the Stitches Great Escape. Joey and Emily didn’t meet the height requirement so Daniel and Missy stayed behind with them. Ketan and Aidan and Mommy and Alan waited for the ride. First they heard you into a room as new recruits for some kind of Alien law enforcement. Then we all head into another room to be briefed on the level 1 and level 2 dangerous levels of criminals when you get interrupted with an emergency level 3 breach. We get into a round room and have a harness lowered over our head and the interactive alien experience with Stich from Lilo and Stich begins. He gets smoke going and zaps all our power then belches awful smelling fog in your face and ultimately spits on you. This is a no repeat ride!! Alan didn’t enjoy getting spit on at all!! They were very strict on pictures and this is one time I could care less about photos. I don’t recommend this ride. We met up with Missy, Emily, Daddy and Joey and decided some folks were in need of naps so the Daddy’s took Eddie, Emily and Joey back to the resort on the shuttle and Missy, Aidan, Amy and Alan went in search of food. Mommy and Alan got a smoked turkey leg and a bottle of water for $9.50 and joined Missy and Aidan in the Pecos Bill Tall Tale Inn and Café for lunch. Pictures of Missy and Mommy were taken by Alan. After lunch we headed to get Fast Pass Tickets to Thunder Mountain. While we waited for that we headed to the Pirates of the Caribbean to see Captain Jack Sparrow. Again we had perfect timing finished the ride with enough time to hit the potty and get to Thunder Mountain. This Rail Road Roller Coaster was also deemed “scary” by Alan, but he sure seemed to enjoy it while we were on it. The curves were the parts that scared him and I can totally understand as I put my arm around him after the first curve fearing he would fall out!! We headed back to Adventure Land and stopped for an ice cream and shade break. Aidan wanted to ride the Magic Carpets of Aladdin and Missy doesn’t go for circle rides so I took the boys on the Magic Carpets. We met up with Missy and headed to the Jungle Cruise to retrieve Fast Pass Tickets then headed to the Swiss Family Tree House. We were starting to worry about the nappers so we called and they were on the shuttle headed back to the park so we headed back to Main Street. Missy and I took each other’s pictures in front of the castle while we waited. When the nappers arrived we headed off in different directions with plans to meet at Animal Kingdom in the morning. Our family found a Disney Photographer to take a family picture in front of the castle and got our Photo Pass card started. He also took a picture on my camera. Then the boys decided they wanted to see the Monster Inc show so we headed back to Tomorrow Land. Then we took a ride on the Tomorrow Land Transit Authority. This is a slow futuristic train ride touring all of Tomorrow Land. It rides through Space Mountain, Buzz Light Year and all the cool stuff. We took a break to discuss dinner here. Alan had his mind set he wanted popcorn in the fancy plastic bucket so Daddy and Eddie ate in Cosmic Ray’s Cosmic Café while Alan, Joey and Mommy walked back to Main Street for popcorn. We met back at Cosmic Ray’s and Mommy turned into a potty shuttle. First Mommy and Alan walked to the nearest potty. Then when we got back Eddie had to go so Mommy took Eddie to the potty and walked back to Cosmic Rays and we decided it was time to head back to the resort and try out the swimming pool. The pool isn’t heated so after 30 min or so we headed up to the room for a hot shower to warm up and get into PJs. The boys are all passed out for the night and I am making myself write each night so I don’t forget anything for the blog and scrapbook. My daddy taught me about vacation journals and it really stuck!! I may have bucked at it as a kid, but I am sooo appreciative of it as a parent  Thanks Dad!!