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Play Group

We went to the base this morning and had a blast at playgroup. There were LOTS of kids Alan's age and some Eddie's age. They were so excited to be with kids again!!! We made friends with some that live in our neighborhood and took Burger King to the park for lunch with them. Here is a picture of Alan playing in the park water fountain with one of them.

Toy Room

Yesterday was a day of work and play. We finally got the toys mostly organized. I think Daniel is going to build a couple more shelves to put stuffed animals and CDs on. The boys and I spent the morning listening to Alan's favorite group, The Wiggles. He practiced his dancing for Uncle Tom's wedding in September :)

Then we were busy in the backyard again. Seems like we usually end up out there between 4:30 and 5:00 waiting for Daddy to get home from work. He came home with a BIG surprise for Alan. I wish we would have had the video camera out for his reaction when Daddy got the Nemo table and chairs out to put together for the boys to hang out on the back patio. To quote Alan, "Oh boy, Oh boy, yeah!" while dancing in circles and trying to help Daddy get the umbrella up.

New Friend, Daria

I miss all my Alabama friends sooooo much lately. We haven't really met anyone in Panama City yet, especially since we are the only finished house on our street and we have NO neighbors. Hopefully we'll get some good neighbors in the near future. They are finishing three houses right next to ours in the very near future.
Well, you all know me pretty well and I love to talk to new people. I made a new friend in the Dillard's Salon a couple days ago. Her name is Daria. She just moved to Panama City in September after Hurrican Katrina. They were scheduled to move on Thursday and the hurricane hit on Monday delaying their move. Her husband is a civilian and works on Tyndall AFB. She called today and the boys and I met her at Chik Fil A for lunch. After lunch she took where she likes to take her grandchildren to feed the goats bread. Alan had a blast feeding the goats!!! I feel like I've known her forever and am looking forward to doing more with her.


The word of the day lately seems to be MAIL. Alan and Eddie recently got cards in the mail from Maga and now they LOVE mail. Alan hugged his card and marched all over the house saying "Mail, MY mail" and Eddie is my texture boy so he loved tearing the envelope and playing with the paper!! Alan has walked out to the mail box with me every day since to "check the mail". I am also enjoying the email and the comments on my posts here. I get so excited to see that "I've got mail".

Daniel the Builder

Not much to fill you all in on these past couple days. I wouldn't recommend asking Daniel to help build any kind of furniture for awhile as he has been draining all the power from the drill with all the work he has been doing this weekend!! He built me a great "L" shaped desk and hutch for Mother's Day, the lateral file cabinet that matches, a toy box and 2 cabinets for the boys' toy room, installed a couple curtain rods and still has some things to take care of on his list. He has been very busy and that's not including all the things he has done with the back yard!!!

Hot Tub Installation

Well yesterday proved to be another busy day at the Saucer house. The hot tub was supposed to be delivered on Friday so Amy got on the phone to find out what time to expect them and while she was on hold the door bell rang and the hot tub was here!!!
After dinner Alan and Daniel got busy taking things apart and hooking things up.
They ran into a few hurdles along the way. Try to plug this in.

It was off to Lowes in search of some answers to our newest problem. Then today Daniel ended up switching the outlet on the patio to accomodate this strange plug and we filled the tub with water after dinner. Hopefully the water will prove to be relaxing tomorrow.

Family Pictures

We recently had our family pictures taken by a friend of ours in Prattville, AL. Jennie met up with us out at Shakespeare Park in Montgomery, AL to take some great pictures!!! They can be viewed on her website

Thanks for the great memories, Jennie :)

Eddie's First Birthday

Blog Set Up DAY 1

Setting up the blog today to keep you all up to date on the Saucer family happenings. We just recently moved from Maxwell AFB in Montgomery, AL to Tyndall AFB in Panama City, FL. We built a new house in Panama City and have been working hard this week getting the yard ready.
We had a shed built during Alan's 4 hr nap yesterday afternoon.
They started to fence in the back yard yesterday and should finish on Friday,
Daniel built a swing set yesterday. Alan was a big helper :)

The hot tub will be delivered on Friday. The weekend will be especially earned this week. We have most everything for the house unpacked and Daniel has been busy building storage shelves, cupboards, toyboxes and installing safety latches everywhere.

The boys are busy exploring and feeling like it's Christmas with each box of toys that is opened!!