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The word of the day today is WAIT. I am so incredibly proud of Eddie for his behavior today when you consider all the waiting the poor 2 yr old survived. We took Alan to school bright and early. Then it was off to the Dodge dealership to get the ABS checked out on the van. They said the diagnostic would take 1hr-1:15 Max. Well 2 hrs later they came to tell me a sensor needed to be replaced and it would only take 45min -1hr max. You can about guess how long that took. The kicker was that Joey had his 6 month check up at the base at 1pm and if you are late they contact Daddy's commander!!! We ended up spending over 4 hrs in the waiting area and for a 2 yr old Eddie did a great job!! I forgot to blog about the fact that we have been in potty training for the last 2.5 weeks and he seemed to enjoy getting me to take him to go potty then tell me it wasn't working. He has mastered STANDING at the toilet to pee and won't have anything to do with the potty chair. We have …

New Pictures

I sorted pictures tonight which brings me one step closer to catching you all up on the blog. You can watch the slideshow below or go to the link called the NEW Saucer Family website.

Please help Alan's School

We were unsuccessful in getting the new playground equipment at Alan's school because the cut off for commenting came too fast. The PTO is trying to get the hamburger helper grant again and we need all the comments we can get by the end of the month. Please take the time to fill in as they acutally had to close the playground for a couple days to remove some unsafe building equipment that was left there!!! Here is the info I received from our PTO. Please let me know if you have any problems with the site.

Please follow the link below to post your comment in support of our project. Or visit

Click on FIND A PROJECT, Choose FLORIDA and type in PANAMA CITY and search. Then click on the link for TOMMY SMITH PTO, EQUIPMENT FOR EMMIE'S PLAYGROUND to post a comment. You will only be asked for your name, email address, date of birth and your comment. Thanks for your support. Tommy Smith PTO

Also keep saving the box tops from your groceries, kleenex, toilet pap…


Eddie seems to have hit that magic time where you become obsessed with the WIGGLES!!! He wants to have them on the TV all the time. He will even stop to watch them once in awhile :) We don't have any wiggle toys at our house, but he sure enjoys them at other friends' houses. His birthday is in April so if you are looking for hints he would LOVE anything with the Wiggles on it. Let us know if you find any DVDs and we'll let you know if he has them or not. Here is a video of him jammin' on Madison's Wiggles guitar.

Here is a clip of Eddie playing with Joey in a hotel over the holidays.

Here is a Christmas clip that I am very late posting of Alan and Eddie singing "Jiggy Bells"

Catching Up

Sorry I haven't been blogging lately. Joey is breathing 100% better, but fighting a runny nose. I also think he will be gettting teeth in soon. Eddie and I are hopefully toward the end of fighting a head cold. We enjoyed a great visit from Aunt Nikky in January and there is a new album of pictures from her trip on our NEW Saucer family website link. I also finally got the rest of Christmas, Joey's baptism and any other pictures sorted, edited and posted for you to see what we've been up to the last couple of months.

I spent the Martin Luther King weekend scrapbooking at the Majestic Beach Resort and had a great time. I did a Stampin' Up booth to display things I've stamped recently and to teach some stampin' classes. I met lots of great people and hope to stamp with them in the near future. I also started my own Stampin' Up website this month and hope to get some picture of things I have stamped added soon. The new address is http://stampinsaucer.s…