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Zoo Time!!

It's that time of year when students have lots of FUN on the school calendar!! Joey's class had preschool graduation on Saturday at the zoo. He had to sing while the 4yr olds dressed in their cap and gown. Here are the video clips from the event.

They had pizza and cake following the ceremony. We got to sit with our friends: Megan, Rick, Caiti, and Tori!! We also ended up exploring the zoo with them after lunch!! It was an wonderful day just Joey and Mommy!!

Then today Eddie's Kindergarten class went to the zoo for a field trip. There were so many parents my group was just Eddie and his new friend Taylor who just joined their class this week!! We had a BLAST!!

Pictures from both zoo trips can be found here in the 2011_May album on Picasa.

Eddie's 6th Birthday Weekend

I finally got all the pictures sorted from Eddie's birthday weekend. We met up with lots of family to celebrate Eddie's 6th birthday AND cousin Thomas's 9th birthday!! We went camping near Carlsbad, NM and drove into Carlsbad Caverns National Park. If you haven't been to the caverns you are missing out on an AMAZING experience!! The pictures just can't do it justice. I could have spent days down there in AWE!!! I posted the pictures here
Here is a video of the birthday song.

We had a GREAT time with Grandpa Bear, Granny D, Aunt Kristine, Uncle James, Aunt Sherrie, Thomas, Lily, Aunt Nikky, Uncle Doug, and family friend, Mike!!


Eddie had to give a presentation about Mars to his class today. Here is the video of the presentation.