Friday, April 30, 2010

I'm a BAD Aunt

Sorry I haven't posted this sooner. Tim and April welcomed our newest nephew, Simon Christopher into their wonderful family on Monday!! Simon weighed 7lbs 11oz and was 20.5 inches long.
Proud Daddy

Family of Four

Big Brother Ian holding Simon

We can't wait to see Uncle Tim and Cousin Ian in just a few weeks!!!  This is a very busy time of year for Ian as he has a big birthday coming soon too.  Happy 3rd Birthday Ian!!

Thursday, April 22, 2010

Happy Birthday Eddie!!

Today is Eddie's 5th Birthday!!  We shared a big birthday party at Pump It Up with one of Eddie's classmate friends, Gavin.  There were kids everywhere and everyone had a BLAST!!  Click HERE to see pictures from the party and from opening presents at home tonight for his actual birthday.

Here is Eddie's reaction to the Sponge Bob cake he asked me to make.

Here is the birthday song.

One of the presents Eddie received is a DRex Pet Dinosaur that you train. It was a big hit with all 3 boys!!

Monday, April 19, 2010

Diaper Free?!?

Could we really be on our way to the end of diapers??  The Easter Bunny brought Joey a package of Spider Man underwear and he was thrilled!!  We told him that he could wear big boy underwear when we got back from our Disney Vacation.

When we got home he went right to his room and brought me the underwear.  We started on Saturday and it went as you would expect.  Lots of laundry and no pee in the potty chair.  Sunday was an open house for selling our house so we had him in pull ups for the afternoon and still no success getting pee in the potty.  Then when it was just Mommy and Joey for the better part of the day on Monday there were a couple successes!!  Once he figured out he got candy every time he used the potty he was tired of changing clothes and taking his pee pants to the washer himself.  In the last 4 days we have only had 2 accidents and one doesn't count because we had a backyard full of kids playing and he just didn't want to come inside and miss anything fun.  The other was a poopy pants today and that usually takes longer to master.

We still put him in diapers at naptime and bedtime, but he has started coming to me to let me know he has to go!!  The next big challenge will be the cross country road trip coming up!!  Then we will have to see how he adjusts to the move.  Could we really be diaper free by summer time??  One can only hope and keep a big supply of potty treats around :)

Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Cayla's Video: Diabetes Doesn't Stop Me!

Please take the time to support Cayla in this great kids Diabetes Awareness video contest!! If you have a You Tube Account simply log in, view the video, and click on the Like button with the thumbs up.

Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Day 5 Downtown Disney

The boys wanted a toy at every gift shop we passed from the minute we arrived at Disney!!  We told them they could do all the looking they wanted and on Friday we would take them to Downtown Disney, an outdoor mall with every piece of Disney merchandise you can imagine!!!  Mommy got a bunch of supplies at the scrapbooking store to put our pictures together in a book.  The boys had a BLAST at the Once Upon a Toy store.

Alan  got a Buzz Lightyear Space Ship Lego kit, Daddy got a cool safari hat, and Joey was happy with some foil cover chocolates that had the characters printed on them!!  Then it was a 6hr ride in the van back to Panama City.

Thursday, April 08, 2010

Day 4 Epcot

Epcot doesn’t open until 9am so we slept in a little.  Our plan of attack was to go right for the ride Soarin’ inside the building called The Land.

Joey was an inch too short to go on this amazing ride L  Daniel took the parent swap ticket and waited in the cafĂ© while Mommy, Alan and Eddie got in the 30 min line.  We also got fast pass tickets to ride again later in the day. This is a ride where you buckle into your “hand glider” and take off into a curved movie screen.  The wind blows and all of a sudden you are Soarin’ over all kinds of country side.  My favorite part is the scents they pump in so when you fly over the pine trees you smell pine and over the orange tree groves you smell oranges and the ocen smells awesome!!!
We went to find daddy and Alan decided to wait with Mommy and Joey while Daddy and Eddie took a turn on Soarin’.  We met up in front of the Living With the Land ride.  It is a boat ride through the history of agriculture.  We ride through the green houses and fish farms that provide lots of the produce for the restaurants at Epcot.  They also feature the newest methods of growing plants and fish including hydroponics and something where the fish water fertilizes the plants above while the plants help clean the water for the fish to grow bigger as well.
When our boat landed we stopped by the stroller for a drink and then headed to The Seas with Nemo & Friends.

You ride in a clam shell through parts of the movie in search of Nemo.
After the ride we went to the Innovations building to get a ticket for a Kim Possible Mission later in the day.  Then it was off to get Fast Pass tickets for Mission:SPACE.  While we waited for the Fast Pass time slot we decided to ride Spaceship Earth.  It was about a 35-40 min wait, but they really kept the line moving.

Then Eddie and Daddy took their turn on Mission:SPACE.  They took the more dangerous Orange astronaut training course. I took Alan’s picture outside the ride while we waited.

When it was Alan’t turn to go with Mommy he decided it was too scary so he let Eddie go with Mommy.  If Eddie could handle the orange level and want to go right back on it couldn’t be that bad, or could it??  This is an amazing ride!!  You really feel the G Force as your space shuttle simulator launches and you go into space.  I was glad we didn’t have lunch before this ride because I really thought I was gonna throw up during take off.  They had a really cool jungle gym play area and video arcade where you get off the ride and we found Daniel, Alan, and Joey there.  I had to sit down for a few minutes to rest.  The boys could have spent all day in this play area.  Then we finally talked Alan into trying the Green (less scary level of training) level of Mission: SPACE.  While Daddy, Alan, and Eddie were on the ride Mommy and Joey headed to the World Showcase in search of a place for lunch.  The first country we came to was Mexico.  We went into the pyramid to check out the menu for their restaurant.  It looked good so we went ahead and reserved a table.  Daniel called to see where we were and just as he found us inside the pager for our table went off.  Talk about perfect timing!!  Inside the pyramid it was very tranquil and felt like evening.  There was a cool pyramind and volcano in the back drop of the restaruant and the boat ride went right by.  We relaxed and had Tamales and Steak Tacos while the boys shared some pollo y arroz. Mommy had a great time practicing her Spanish and the waitress brought the boys each their own included dessert!!  Alan didn’t want his churro and Mommy was more than happy to eat it for him J  The boys were getting restless so we decided to go on the Gran Fiesta Tour Starring the Three Caballeros. 
Donald Duck, Panchito, and Jose Carrioca take you on a musical boat ride.  Daniel wanted to relax and finish his beer so it was just Mommy and the boys for this ride.    When we finished the boat ride it was time to go to Norway to pick up our Kim Possible spy communicator (a Verizon cell phone programmed with your mission)

When Daddy figured out the communicator and it was time to start the mission Joey threw a HUGE fit because there was only one communicator and he wanted to be the one to hold it, but no one could hear it over his screaming so I strapped him into the stroller and off we went to wait for Daniel, Alan, and Eddie to finish their mission.  This year the mission took them to China. 

The tantrum took us all the way to the American Adventure!!  By then Daniel was calling to let me know the mission was complete.  We met up and the boys wanted to sit in this beautiful green grass!!

Daniel and Alan got out the map to make a game plan and Eddie was making a plan of his own.  Joey had finally calmed down and was HAPPY to be out of the stroller where there was DIRT to dig in and eat!!!
We ended up taking the ferry boat back to the Future World side of the park to go back to the dinosaur era with Ellen DeGeneres in Ellen’s Energy Adventure.  When the show was over Alan and Eddie wanted to do Mission: SPACE one more time.  The wait time for the Green level was very short compared to the Orange level.  Eddie really really wanted an astronaut helmet from the gift shop at the exit to the ride and we had promised he could get it at the end of the day before we went back to the hotel.
While they were doing that Joey and Mommy got in line at the Epcot Character Spot. We befriended the family in front of us while we waited.  They were from Saline, MI where Daniel’s Aunt Denise lives.  Daniel called just as we were getting close to the front of the line.  He and the boys cut in line to join us so they could meet Mickey, Pluto, Minnie, Donald and Goofy.  While he was getting to know our new friends we discovered the dad went to school with Daniel’s 2nd cousin Brad!!  It really IS a small world after all J

By the time we finished meeting all our favorite Disney Friends it was time for that Fast Pass we got at the beginning of the day for Test Track.  We got the ticket around 11am and it was to ride the ride between 7 and 8 pm.  That’s how popular this ride is.  It takes you through all kinds of testing conditions for GM cars including some very FAST runs!! Joey wasn’t tall enough so Mommy and Eddie went on the ride first. Then we talked Alan into going with Daniel when we got off the ride.

By the time Daddy and Alan were getting in line it was time to find a spot for the fireworks so Eddie, Joey, and Mommy headed back to the World Showcase to find us a good place.  Alan and  Daddy found us with only 10 minutes til showtime and they brought popcorn and soft pretzels!!

The Laser, Light, and Fireworks show was AMAZING as always!!  My older camera doesn’t have all the wonderful night and fireworks settings so there aren’t any pictures to share L  Check out the pictures from last year though as it was the same show we saw then. Joey fell asleep shortly after the show began.
The park had late hours so we took our time and stopped to get a funnel cake in the America part of the showcase and got more dinner type food in Morroco.  It seemed like a very LONG walk out of the park to the bus stop and we all agreed our dogs were really BARKING!!