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100 Days of Kindergarten

Today is the 100th day of Kindergarten for Alan. They had to do a poster/project to represent 100. Alan really LOVES to play with my scrapbooking tools so he decided he wanted to use 100 wiggly eyes. I asked how he wanted to use the eyes and he decided we could cut out people with my cricut. He gave me the paper doll cartdrige for Christmas. We decided we should use 200 eyes and make 100 people. He is really into the wii so we made the title of the project be 100 Wii People. He picked out 10 different pattern papers from my stash and we cut 10 people from each pattern to show groups of 10 within 100. It took Alan all weekend to finish his poster, but he did it all himself. Notice the glue work :)
Here are some pictures of the progress.

Stampin' Up Orlando Regionals

I can't believe it's taken me soooo long to finally sit down and blog about my trip to Orlando 2 weeks ago! I guess I'm still recovering from all the holiday travel :) I went to the Stampin' Up Regionals in Orlando 2 weekends ago with my friends Missy and Tammy. The 3 of us had an amazing day learning all kinds of new stampin' techniques and business tips. Tammy is my demonstrator friend that shared the booth at the Bay County Fair grounds Craft Fair with me back in November. After spending the day at regionals I've caught Missy looking at the starter kit to sign up as a demonstrator too :)

There were 900+ demonstrators and their guests in attendance at the Orange County Convention Center for a Saturday FULL of stampin'!! The meeting room had all kinds of cards displayed on display boards and 6 projects for us to stamp and take home with us. There was a brand new stamp set included in our registration fee so of course we got to use them on a couple …

Home Again, Home Again

We are finally home from our Holiday Travels!! We ended up driving just under 3,000 miles through 13 states for Christmas Break. It was sooo great to see all the people we were able to visit. There were a few we were unable to get to due to weather/road conditions, illness, and just plain old lack of time!! I just finished sorting and posting pictures for 2008_December 2008_December and 2009_January 2009_January.

Trying something new with pictures. You should be able to click on each of these pictures and link to the whole album.

We wish you all a very prosperous New Year!!!