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If ONE more thing breaks before my water breaks. . .

I am so ready to have this baby. We have 8 days 'til induction!!! Last weekend we discovered our video camera was broken. On a postive note we found out now and NOT in the delivery room. When doing research to solve this problem we learned that they no longer make the kind of camera we have. This wouldn't be a huge deal IF we kept up with converting our camera tapes to VHS or DVD. We have 20+ camera tapes (4yrs of our family memories) that we can't watch on the camera and we can't watch on any other format!!!! Well after some crying and a lot of screaming I cooled off and started thinking. I sent Daniel to Best Buy to buy a new camera so we had one to film the new baby and started calling friends. Thankfully our neighbors have a digital 8 video camera and they were willing to loan it to us so I can convert the tapes to DVD. Thanks to Robin and Corey Seymor!!!

So I have spent the last 3 days working on this project which is a very time consuming project when gett…

Baby Stats and Game Plan

We are 35 weeks and 1 day along in the pregnancy today and had an OB check up. Let's review Alan was born at 35 weeks and 4 days (weighed 8lbs 4oz) and Eddie was induced at 36 weeks to the day (weighed 9lbs).

The ultra sound show the baby measureing at 38 weeks and 3 days. The approximate weight of the baby is 7 lbs 13oz and the head circumference is almost 34 cm (Eddie was 36cm at birth and we don't have Alan's measurement) The baby was not very cooperative for photo ops today as it had both hands in front of it's face.

Game Plan
We have a Non Stress Test on Thursday, July 26.
Monday, July 30 we are scheduled for an amnio to see if the lungs are mature enough to induce. The results for this test take 5 days to come back with this particular lab and hospital.
Monday, August 6th 6am we are scheduled to be induced provided we get the go ahead with the amnio results.

This is only a game plan as several of you know baby's have their own schedule of events so stayed tune…