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Major Dad

Congratulations Daddy!! Today Daniel pinned on the rank of Major. This is a very important rank because it takes you from Company Grade Officer to Field Grade Officer. Daniel is the first in his family to become a Field Grade Officer!!! We were honored to have his Aunt Joyce, Uncle Harold, and Cousin Rachael come in from Pensacola. We were also honored and most pleasantly surprised to have my Aunt Kathy and Uncle Neil drive non-stop from Green Bay, WI!!! Below are some pictures from an amazing day.
Alan and Eddie pin on Daddy's new rank. Daddy takes the Oath Aunt Kathy and Aunt Joyce put Daniel's new rank on his shirtAunts Give Daniel a congratulations kiss!!The Rechsteiner visitors

Happy Birthday Alan!!

Today Alan turned 3!!! When he came into wake me up I started to say "Good Morning" and Alan said "Stop Mommy. Birthday me." He went right for the presents and was disappointed to find out he had to wait until Daddy got home from work to open them up. Maybe next year we will wake him up before Daddy goes to work.

We started our day trying to make Alan's cake for tonight and I spent the rest of the day explaining we couldn't eat it until Daddy got home. Here is how the cake turned out. Here is a picture of opening presents after the cake.

Happy Birthday Daddy!

Sunday was Daniel's birthday. We took Daddy to the beach to celebrate!! When we got home from the beach Alan was eager for Daddy to open the presents that he and Mommy bought together. For Daddy, Alan picked out Sponge Bob pajama pants and the new Disney Herbie DVD. For Daddy??? Not sure, but they have been a real hit at our house. The afternoon, evening and night were not so pleasant as Alan was very sick and threw up on Daddy 4 or 5 times. Enough to not have any clean pajamas left so he opened one of his birthday gifts a couple days early. Mommy knew it was Sponge Bob pajamas, but what I didn't know was the pants were identical to the ones Alan had picked out for Daniel :)

Cowboy Up

The boys are really into dressing up in costume wear. Hint Hint you can do your Christmas shopping after Halloween sales. Here are some fun pictures of them in the cowboy wear.

Static Electricity

Today we had a science lesson. Alan found some party balloons so we took advantage of a teachable moment. I taught him how to rub it on his hair and stick it to the wall.


Our newest neighbors have 3 little dogs. They are just the right size for our little boys to LOVE!!! They also have a very tricky back door. Yesterday David managed to lock himself out while letting the dogs out. He came over to borrow our phone and phone book to call Lisa's work and get her cell number. He then found an open bathroom window and crawled through to get in.

This morning I was loading the van to go to MOPS and there was Lisa with all the dogs. She had done the same thing only on her way to work. What an awful way to start your day. Her work happened to be close to the MOPS location so I offered her a ride. They don't have a fence so there was no where to put the dogs who were still getting used to the new neighborhood. Problem solved our yard is fenced in. So we put the dogs in the yard, buckeled up the boys and headed out for the day. When I got home for lunch 2 of her dogs were in her driveway. This was confusing as I just talked to her on the cel…


Wow the month of August is really flying by. I apologize to those of you who check our blog on a regular basis. We have been traveling and getting ready for several birthdays in the next couple weeks. Big August news was Daniel's cousin, Heather, got married on August 12th. We had a great time and really enjoyed visits from Grandpa Bear and Aunt tine, pronounced teen, aka Kristine. She was given her new name by Alan of course and he had a blast being spoiled during the visits.


Alan and Mommy had a date tonight. We went to see Elmo's Coloring book live!! We had a blast, but the show was nothing compared to the Wiggles. I guess once you have seen the best. . . . It was well worth the price of the ticket and Alan was very excited to see his furry, red, friend :)

When we got back from intermission Alan noticed we were right in front of all the spot lights. He decided it would be fun to try to catch the light beams!!! Below are pictues from our date.

The Wiggles

What a BLAST!!! We took the kids to visit our friends the Tuckers in Alabama and on Friday night we ALL went to see the Wiggles in concert. Alan and Madison were dancing and signing right along. Alan was so disappointed when the concert ended he was crying and even tried to get out of the van to go back to the arena to see the Wiggles!! Here are some pictures from the concert.
Even Daniel enjoyed the show!!
The Wiggles up close!! Who knew it would be so emotional to see your favorite TV characters live on stage!! It almost made me cry to see them in real life instead of our life size TV :)