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Alan Kindergarten Memory Book

Tale of Two Mini Vans

So just over a week ago I was sitting in the living room recovering from surgery and Daniel hollers from the computer asking me the local news website address. I give it to him and don't hear back from him for quite awhile. I finally get up and go check on what he is up to and he is looking at Chrylser vehicles online. I ask him what's up and he informs me that our local Chrysler dealer is one that was selected to close.

We have been discussing a newer vehicle in the next 6 months or so for various reasons. We've had Daniel's Neon for 8 years and it has 107K miles on it and my Dodge Grand Caravan after only 4.5 years is already at 87K miles. We are scheduled to pay the van off in December and would like to replace the small Neon with a slightly larger vehicle to accomodate 3 carseats (Florida and several other states are trying to pass laws requiring carseats/booster seats until age 8 or 80 lbs!!) as well as with low milage.

Well the next day after taking Eddie to …


As some of you know I have been having some problems since I quit breastfeeding Joey in August 2008. This spring they started affecting my diabetes in a very negative way. I simply wasn't responding to any treatments so they decided to do a hysterectomy to solve the problem. This wouldn't normally happen for someone age 32, but we have had so many endochronologists and OB doctors tell us we need to be done having kids and it was a sure fire solution to my issues.

I had the surgery on Thursday and everything went extremely well. I just can't drive for 2 weeks and no lifting for 6 weeks which will be tough. Daniel got 2 weeks off to take care of me and the boys and things are going well. Feel free to call if you want more details. I'm just not sure the whole world needs to read about things here. Some of you will be relieved to learn that unlike Daniel's apendectomy there were no pictures taken :)

Kindergarden Slideshow

I just updated pictures on Picasa with a 2009_May album. There are some older pictures in that folder that I just received from Alan's teacher in order to make the Kindergarden slideshow. I LOVE the pictures from field day!! I will try to upload the slideshow here.

Paper Parade

For all my scrapbooking friends there is an awesome Paper Parade blog hop going on right now. Just visit and follow the directions for lots of chances to win great scrapbooking supplies!!!