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Raingutter Regatta

This year Alan is a Tiger Cub in scouts!! Yesterday we had our first big scouting event, the Raingutter Regatta. The boys sand and paint their own boats and race them down a raingutter filled with water. They blow behind their sails through a straw to make the boats go. Eddie is having a rough time feeling left out because you have to be in first grade to be a scout. We got him a kit to build the boat with Alan to be a pretend scout.

Here Eddie and Alan are doing the sanding.

Alan is doing more sanding here.

Next comes the painting. Alan chose to use 3 colors which requires a lot of time waiting for paint to dry!!

While we waited for the paint to dry Alan decorated his sail with some retired scouting stamps in Mommy's office.

Here is Alan with his completed boat. He named it "The Promise" because we were learning the Cub Scout Promise on the way to the race preparing for next week's meeting.

Alan and Daddy registering for the race.

They let Eddie have is own private …

Video Clips of Joey

Here are some video clips of Joey. The first is Joey figuring out how to use Mommy's scrapbooking tools.
Joey was sooo excited about the Cookie Monster shirt Daddy got for his birthday!! Daniel barely had it opened before Joey snatched it up and had it on. He ended up sleeping in Daddy's new shirt!!
Joey was sooo excited to get his big brothers' character PJs when I sorted clothes a few weeks ago. The Wiggles are a favorite :)

Universal Studios

This weekend we took the boys to Universal Studios in Orlando.

We got to the park right before it opened at 9am.

We decided to start the day at the Islands of Adventure part of the park. We made a beeline for the Spiderman ride. I went with Alan and Eddie while Daniel and Joey waited in the parent swap. This is a really amazing ride. You ride in a car along the track with a 3-D movie screen in front of you. You help Spidey get the bad guys and it actually feels like you are swinging from webs and flying/falling!!! When we got off the ride Alan decided not to go a second time, but Eddie sure got excited when he just had to wait for Daddy to trade places with mommy to ride again!!

The rest of the rides in the super hero section were for taller and older kids so we headed over to Seuss Landing. This turned out to be Alan's favorite.

The first ride at Seuss Landing is of course The Cat in The Hat. This ride takes you through the house and shows you the chaos when the Cat arrives with Th…

My Digital Studio Software from Stampin' Up

Just testing out the new My Digital Studio software from Stampin' Up. I'm using a friends computer so you can look forward to more projects when I get my copy of the software!! It's super easy to use. It only took about 15 min for me to figure out how to create this page, convert the file to jpeg and post it here on the blog!!

ARRRRR!! Ahoy Matey!

I am long over due in this post as it's been 2 weeks ago already!! We took Alan's best buddy Aidan and his family on the Sea Dragon Pirate Cruise to celebrate all our August birthdays this year.
The cruise was a BLAST!! It's family oriented and jam packed with activities for the kids. They start off in the red circle on the main deck for a safety talk about running and all the normal safety stuff. Then they give them all squirt guns and anyone on the main deck is fair game for the water gun fight.

Then they have the kids swab the deck with child size mops.
Then they take them into the dungeon to tell them a story about a treasure buried at sea. When they come up from the dungeon we all have to look for the "X" bouy. Then one of the pirate crew gets them all lined up with a rope and they have to pull the chest up out of the water. Everyone gets some of the treasure to take home. One of the last activities was getting pirate tatoos. Here is Alan aka Captain Bones…