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Grandma's Visit

My mom flew in to Birmingham to spend a weekend with the boys and me. Here is the boys reaction when she got off the plane.

We had been planning on seeing Thomas the Train in Calera, AL since January. On Friday we drove up to Alabama and picked Grandma up at the air port in horrible storms. Turns out the storms were so horrible they destroyed the tents and activities at Thomas the Train and the event for Sat and Sun got CANCELLED!!! I think this was a way bigger disappointment for me than anyone else. It was cold and dreary on Sat AND we weren't going to see Thomas the Train !?! We ended up going to the Birmingham zoo with our friends the Tuckers and ended up having a great time. I posted several pictures from the weekend and this past week in the 2008_April album on the NEW Saucer Family website. A special thanks to Nathan and Chalane for letting us stay with them and hosting our weekend with Grandma. We had a great time!!!

The Saucer Boy in the Previous Post

Drum roll please. . . .
The baby in the picture with Grandma is Alan. I couldn't resist posting an old photo of Alan when he was about the same age as Joey is now!! I don't know where the time has gone. Eddie turns 3 in a week and Joey is starting to crawl already :)

Have a great day!!

Which Saucer Boy is This??

Can you identify the baby in this picture with Grandma?? My mom was with us this weekend in Birmingham, AL. Thought my readers might like a challenge. Here it is leave a comment or send me an email and guess which Saucer Boy this is.