Tuesday, May 25, 2010

New House Pictures

I posted pictures of the new house on Picasa today.  You can click HERE to see them.  We unloaded 12,000lbs and returned the truck today.  Daniel reports to work at 6:30am and the boys and I will be cleaning, unpacking and sorting.  They are scheduled to deliver the appliances and install the security system as well.

Monday, May 24, 2010

Last Day on the Road

I'm sooo glad today was the last driving day.  We hit the road around 6:45am and drove 610 miles from San Angelo, TX to Albuquerque, NM.  We stopped in Amarillo for lunch at Subway because that's what the boys wanted.  Alan was under the impression he would get to make his own sandwich so we had a mini melt down, but he snapped out of it thanks to Backugone (I know this is TOTALLY spelled wrong.  We just learned about these toys from our Houston friends and I haven't done my research on them yet)  I promised the boys if they were good for the WHOLE trip they could get one when we arrived.

We got here around 4:30pm so it took us a bit longer than we expected.  When we got here we promptly hit TRAFFIC!!!  The boys were really frustrated telling me to just go as traffic was stopped at a stand still due to a crash on I 40.  This was a perfect opportunity to explain car crashes and how important it is to be very QUIET when Mommy is driving in the city.  They are in awe and amazement at the big city!!  They especially like it when we drive on the high roads :)  Alan can't get over all the fast food places and how close together they are.  When traffic started moving we got a call from Dan saying he was done closing on the house.  We ended up getting to the new house 10-15 minutes before him.  The boys went CRAZY exploring, fighting over the bedrooms, and Eddie even got his head slammed in the door that goes out to the garage because it has some safety feature that makes it close automatically.  Safety feature my ASS!!  I get the concept, but not so safe with little kids.  I do think they all learned the lesson though.

We met the next door neighbors and they have 2 little boys, Aidan is 3.5 years and Austin is an infant.  The cluster of mail boxes just happens to be right outside our front door and we met another neighbor with 3 kids all close to the same ages as our with a couple girls in the mix.  I hope to get pictures of our house and the neighborhood tomorrow and will post them soon.

Eddie and Joey have passed out and Alan has half open eyes watching the movie Over the Hedge on the fold out bed in the hotel and I'm gonna hit the hay now too!!

Sunday, May 23, 2010

When a Saucer becomes a Bible

My youngest Sister in Law got married yesterday!! We welcome Doug Bible to the family and our Aunt Nikky Saucer has now become a Bible :) Click here to see pictures from her big day.

Wednesday, May 19, 2010

On the Road AGAIN!!

Last night we went to Jenn and Ryan's house. I could do a whole blog entry on how we met and how they introduced Daniel and I. Stay tuned for that entry soon. The boys had a great time playing with Jeffrey, Alyssa and Jacob. That is except maybe Joey. He came down stairs and we all thought he had to use the potty and then it happened. . . He threw up all over the living room carpet!! I was so embarrassed, but we got it cleaned up and he curled up on my lap. No fever so it was probably from eating Waffle House for dinner combined with all the time in the van. We left around 10pm (I sure hope Jeffrey and Alyssa did all right in school today being up so late)

We had the continental breakfast this morning and headed back to their house around 8:30 this morning. Jenn and Jacob took us to play at the park and run around before a big day of 440miles in the van to make it to San Angelo. When I checked my Facebook I had a comment from my friend and Stampin' Up downline, Brenda Bromen. She lives in San Antonio and is in the process of moving to Florida. She noticed we would be driving through San Antonio and asked if we wanted to meet up on our way through!! I left her a note and called her after our play date. She was nice enough to locate a McDonald's with a play zone not too far off I 10 to meet at. The boys played for an hour and a half while we caught up!! It was perfect timing as San Antonio was exactly half way through our travel day :)

Once we got through the traffic of San Antonio it was a very relaxing drive the rest of the way. We arrived in San Angelo around 7:30pm. I set my odometer to zero when we left Panama City and it had 1,200 miles on it when we arrived. The boys were amazing travelers the whole trip!! It was when we were visiting with Granny D all hell broke loose. They went crazy climbing on each other, fighting and hitting. It took a little bit and a phone call to Daddy, but they finally got to sleep and allowed me to catch up with Mae Dell. Then Nikky and my brother in law to be, Doug arrived at midnight. We chatted until Joey came to tell me he needed to go potty at 3:45am!! We said good byes and see ya tomorrows and after Joey was done we went to bed.

Tuesday, May 18, 2010

On the Road

We got on the road around 6:45am this morning to start our 540 mile journey to Houston, TX. Joey REFUSED to wear the pull I wanted him to wear, but I decided not to fight it out with him since I need to stop for a bathroom as often or more so than he would need to go. Alan got excited when we crossed the Alabama state line wanting to go see our old house and his friend, Madison. He was a bit disappointed to find out she lived on the other side of the state so we wouldn't be visiting today. The boys LOVED the very, very, very, LONG bridge in Mobile!!

Before we knew it we were crossing the Mississippi state line. I would spell it M-I-SS-I-SS-I-PP-I and Joey would echo I-P-I? and we would all laugh! We set the pit stop schedule to stop every 100 miles or so and it stuck most of the trip. The first stop Alan was gonna test my patience and I informed him it wasn't a good idea to start our trip that way. Then Joey piped up saying "me good, me good mom? Eddie good too." He continued to inform me he was being good each time we stopped. We made great time and were checking into the hotel in Houston around 4:30 this afternoon and had time to hit the pool, shower, and walk across the parking lot to Waffle House with a 15% discount for a breakfast for dinner night before American Idol started. We hope to go over to my friend, Jenn's (She introduced Daniel and I) for a bedtime visit to meet her 3 kiddos. We haven't seen each other since Daniel and I got married 10 years ago. She's had 3 kids and I've had 3 kids so we will have a LOT of catching up to do!! We also plan to have a play date with her and her youngest in the morning. I hope tomorrow's travel goes as smoothly as todays!!

Monday, May 17, 2010

New Pictures Posted

I just updated the 2010_May folder on my Picasa pictures. Click on the picture to see the whole album or click on the Saucer Family Picture link to the left of the blog.

Sunday, May 16, 2010

Starfish Photography Family Portraits

I'm sooo excited we got the disc with our family pictures from Starfish Photography today!! Our neighbor in Panama City is staring her own photography business, Starfish Photography. She was patient enough to make 2 trips to the beach because the first one was a cold day and the kids were not very cooperative. These are the pictures from the 2nd trip when they were a little more cooperative. The wind was a bit strong for my hair, but they still turned out GREAT!! Click on the picture to see the whole album on Picasa.

Thursday, May 13, 2010

Mr. Independent

We woke up this morning to a running shower.  Daniel rolled over and said, "When are you gonna get in the shower?"  I replied, "I thought you were getting in the shower.  Who turned the shower on??"  I hollered turn to turn off the shower and come here and we discovered it was Joey.  He demanded that he needed a shower this morning.  I informed him he was WRONG and told him to go get dressed hoping for just 5 more minutes.  He actually went to his room and got himself completely dressed then came back.  So I pressed my luck and told him to wake up Alan and Eddie for school.  Oh how I wish I had a hidden camera in their room.  He went in and woke them up and told them to get up and get dressed right now!!  Oh the doors that open with potty training!!

Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Bye Bye Beach Baby

Last weekend was our last free weekend before the big move.  It was time to say good bye to the sugar white sandy beaches of Panama City.  Our good friends, The Tuckers, came down from Alabama for one last visit.  The most difficult part of moving is knowing you won't get to see your friends on a regular basis.  When we moved from Alabama to Florida we still manages to see the Tuckers on an almost monthly basis for the first 2 years!!  This will be harder as we are moving from Florida to New Mexico on the other side of the country.

The kids had a BLAST at the beach!!  The afternoon was spent with kids napping and the Daddy's got to go to the shooting range.  It was about time as they have been talking about it for nearly 7 years!!!  Then everyone met up at our house for smoked ribs and chicken.

Eddie thought he was hot stuff "surfing" the waves.  I think he drank half the ocean.

It wasn't until bedtime we realized how sunburned everyone got at the beach.

We will really miss living close enough to the Tuckers to drive for a weekend visit without a lot of planning ahead.  Thank God for the internet and cell phones.  We can at least watch the kids grow through pictures like these.

Madison and Alan May 2010

Madison and Alan October 2004

Alex and Eddie
May 2010

Alex and Eddie 
January 2007

It's not good bye, but until we see you again.
For more pictures click here.

Wednesday, May 05, 2010

Potty Training Update

I am so happy to report potty training is going well.  Joey has had only 3 accidents in the last 2 weeks and all were understandable due to playing with friends and not wanting to take the time.  We have had some funny stories along the way.  Joey has always preferred to wear his underwear backwards so he can see the big picture of whatever character is on them in the front, but on this particular day he decided his head would be a better place to wear them!!

One afternoon he was playing outside and actually came inside to ask if he could go pee in the grass!!  My first reaction was no, but then I got to thinking about teaching him how to stand up and pee for our upcoming road trip so I told him he could.  About 15 min later Alan comes running in to tell me Joey pooped on the patio!!!  That led to quite a discussion.  We are working on a new way to teach him how to pee standing up as a result :P

Our best friend, Emily, is also potty training so we took our potty to her house for a Potty Party!! This really seemed to seal the deal for Joey as we haven't had many accidents since then.

The final story for today is the fact that Joey thinks he is ready to wear underwear to bed at night.  Mommy and Daddy, however know better and will not let him.  One night was a particular struggle with Daddy.  Daniel put his diaper on and tucked him in after what seemed like 15 times of coming out of his room to go potty to prolong bedtime.  Then at 2am he comes into our room soaking wet!!  I went to change the sheets while Daniel gave him a quick shower.  When I picked up the diaper on the floor by his bed it was completely DRY?!?  He must have removed it after Daddy left and then went to bed.  He has been much better about wearing the diaper at bedtime, but has continued to come out of his room several times at bedtime to use the potty.  Mommy is pretty smart though and has bumped bedtime up 30min.