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Joey's First X-Rays

Today was a long and challenging day. We called the doctors office yesterday as Joey was not only fighing off a cough, but also seemed to have a bit of trouble breathing. The base nurse had a million questions for me to try to treat him over the phone as there were NO appointments available and she didn't really think it was bad enough to go to urgent care. We got him an appointment for 7:30am today. He was pretty bad when we called, worse this morning when he woke up and his chest was caving in as he breathed when we arrived at the base hospital to see the doctor. The hospital staff remained very calm, but we did NOT have to wait for anything and they pulled the doctor out from seeing another patient. After all the vitals and routine stuff they did a breathing treatment to see if the weezing would improve. It really didn't do too much and his blood oxygen was still very low so they started a second treatment with a different nurse who Joey evidently didn't like her…