Monday, June 25, 2012

Saucer Summer Tour Part 12

Monday, June 18th, 2012

Today we had to say goodbye to the Tuckers L  We got on the road around 8:15am this morning headed to the Tennessee/Kentucky boarder.  We stopped at Sikes & Kohn outlet store between Troy and Montgomery.  Mommy got some new shoes!!  Then we hit Mulberry street in Montgomery in search of Mommy’s favorite coffee beans only to discover the shop isn’t there any more L  Most of the other shops are closed on Mondays so we headed to Prattville.  It was just after 1pm so we decided to have lunch at Chick fil A.  It was PACKED and ended up taking us an entire hour to get lunch!!  We hit Wal Mart in search of Alabama T-shirts for the boys, but they didn’t have any L  We got some snacks and new movies.  Then we drove past our old house and Madison’s old house.  After that we decided to check Target for the Alabama T-shirts on our way out of town.  No luck there either.  The gas at Raceway was only $3.04 so we topped off the tank and got back on the road.  Total time in Prattville, AL 2hr 15min and I felt homesick as that was one of my favorite places to live.

We decided to stop at the Alabaster, AL exit to check that Wal Mart for the shirts and they only had them in the Men’s department.  Alan really wanted shirt so we got a small incase we couldn’t find another one.  There as an Old Navy in the strip mall so we checked there and BINGO they had some in the Boy’s department on clearance!!  Eddie threw a fit because he didn’t want a red shirt.  I tried to explain that was the team color and that was the only choice.  He wanted an Alabama shirt, but he wanted it to be ORANGE!!  He still doesn’t understand the rivals of Alabama wear orange.  He threw a big temper tantrum  right in the store like he was 2yrs old.  I grabbed the shirts and paid as quickly as possible.  Then we went back to Wal Mart to return the other shirt and use the bathroom before we got  back on the road.  One more stop for the day just south of Huntsville for dinner.  We drove 517 miles and checked into the Hampton Inn with Daddy’s points around 10pm.

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