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Grandpa Bear and Big D's New House

Here is a link to pictures of Grandpa Bear and Big D's new house in San Angelo, TX. If the link doesn't work you might have to copy and paste the address into your internet browser. Thanks to Kristine (my sister in law) for taking the pictures and posting them to my picasa site.

Grandpa Bear just accepted a 9th grade math teaching job in San Angelo and will be moving from Del Rio. We are so excited for him and Mae Dell to be in the same town. Now they will have more time together and LESS time on the road to see each other! Congratulations on the new job Grandpa Bear!!!

Pictures at Sears

I took the boys to Sears for pictures of them before the baby comes and also to get Eddie's 2yr pictures taken. You can view our session online at I'll have to wait until our session is up to get you the rest of the info you will need so stayed tuned in the next couple days. Here are some of my favorites from today.

6-8 more weeks

I had my OB check up today and everything looks AOK. There are 3 docotors that I see at this practice and the doctor today isn't very concerned about the size of the baby at all so we will wait until 36 weeks which is a Sunday July 29th so we won't really decide anything until July 30th. My next appointment is July 3rd and I'll see doctor #3 so we'll see what his take is on things.

3AM Phone Call

I think all my wishful thinking about having this baby NOW has gone too far. The phone rang at 3am and it was the hospital calling to be sure I was coming in for my 4am appointment to be induced!! I said that I wasn't informed of this appointment and there had to be a mistake as I wasn't due until Aug. and not even 30 weeks along. She looked and said my paper work said I was scheduled to come in at 4am and that I am due June 17th. I asked her to look again and she got very confused when she looked at my complete records and apologized a bunch. I think the doc may have put in the computer that we would schedule an apointment to induce at my next office visit on the 17th of June. Didn't think of that until I was waking up in the shower this morning though so I bet the lady that called last night is still confused :)

My First YouTube Video

I just learned about Microsoft Movie Maker and put together my first movie. I used pictures from our family trip to Las Vegas last fall. It's my first attempt at using YouTube. Let me know what you think.

50 New Pictures

I received a wonderful disc of pictures from Nikky today. They are pictures from Daniel and Eddie's trip to Texas in March. I added 50 of my favorites to the New Family Website linked to the left. Feel free to leave comments we LOVE to hear from you :)


28 Weeks 4 Days

We had an ultrasound on Thursday to check the size of the baby. I was hoping to include pics or video, but have encountered some problems with that. On Thursday we were 28 weeks and 4 days along and the overall measurements of the baby were right around 31 weeks. This is pretty normal for a diabetic to be about 2 weeks bigger. The baby is in breech position right now, but still has plenty of time and a little space to turn. Please pray that it turns soon as right now it's laying on my oxygen supply which explains why I feel like it's major work to breathe at times. The baby weighed 3lbs and 3 oz on Thursday. The doctor's big concern right now (I must admit it has me a bit nervouse as well) is the size of the baby's head. The baby's head is measuring at 33+ weeks and won't be getting any smaller. I have a OB appointment on the 18th of June and we will be discussing the official game plan and time line of events as it sounds like they don't want me t…


Last weekend we were very lucky to have some special visitors. Joan and René, our friends from the Knights of Columbus in Colorado, were passing through on a road trip. They had their daughter, Kistella and her 4 boys with them. Alan and Eddie had a blast playing with the boys. Here are some pictures and video clips from the weekend.
Here is a shot of Daniel, Amy, Joan, and René

Here are all the kids

Here is the picnic they had

And here is the Band

video of the band

NEW Saucer Family Website

I'm proud to announce a NEW link on the Saucer Family Website. Thanks to Tim Saucer and April Zeoli for the help in saving me TONS of time. The Picasa Pic link on our website or the NEW Saucer Family Website link on this blog will take you to the most recent pictures of our family. This site allows 1G of FREE space and the Angelfire site only allows 10MB so with this new site I don't have to spend hours shrinking pictures down and it uploads so much faster!!! You can also order prints of any of the pictures you want. If you have trouble with this feature call me and we can walk through it on the phone. Please give me your feedback on the new format.


Alan is big into reading the directions on things these days. His favorites are happy meal toys and microwave popcorn. Here is a video clip of him with the popcorn this afternoon.