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Spring Break

We are packing up and heading out first thing in the morning for our Spring Break Vacation. Alan has figured out where we are going although we haven't told him specifically because we like to keep the boys on their toes. We are headed to Orlando and the Wonderful World of Disney. There are a couple additional surprises in store for the boys though. Alan's best friend Aidan and family will be at the same parks on the same days with cell phone coordinated run ins :) and the biggest surprise is Grandma is flying in on Tuesday and staying the remainder of the vacation with us!!!

I got pictures sorted and added some to the 2009_March Picasa album if you click on the Saucer Family Website you can see them. I have the laptop packed and hope to type out updates of the trip.

Easter Wishes Card

I have been playing with this new card layout I saw from Jan Burnett at Stampin' Up regionals. Jan is from the same hometown as Superman!! Her blog can be found here Thank for sharing all your measurements with me Jan!! Here is an Easter card I made with this layout I like to call a stair step card.

Old Maid in My Ear

Last week Alan said he put a popcorn seed in his ear at school. We took him to the pediatrician at the base and they tried to get it out with irrigation. While we were waiting for the referral my friend, Missy (a nurse), took him to her husband's office and tried to irrigate it out again. No luck so we had to wait for a referral to be approved to take him to a pediatric ENT. The closest one is in Pensacola and couldn't get him in until March 17th!! Again I called my friend Missy and asked for her recommendation on ENT doctors in town. She gave me her guy's name and I got on the phone with Tricare. It took lots of call transfers and time, but they could change the referral to Dr. Tran and he could get us in yesterday. Dr. Tran was unable to remove the popcorn seed in his office, but they could get Alan in for surgery first thing this morning to remove the seed. Here is where I learned that anything requiring anesthesia is called surgery. They were going to put Alan out so h…

DOT com

Alan said the funniest thing yesterday. We were working in a small group in his Kindergarden class and he asked me to buy him this special series of books like the teacher had. I said, "I'll have to see if we can even find those books in the store. I think they are only available for teachers." His reply was very matter of factly stated. "Mommy, just go to dot com and find it on the computer to buy it." Maybe I shop online too much!!

I also updated the pictures on picasa. Just click on the Saucer Family Website link to the left to view 2009_February and 2009_March.

Soccer Season

Alan officially started soccer last week. He has practice on the same 2 evenings he has speech with an extra half hour between the two. We decided to pack a picnic supper for his first practice and just eat at the park.

Alan's team is called The Cruisers and his coach is a friend of mine, Miss Nicole. There are 10 boys on the team ages 4-6 and they will play 5 on the field with NO goalie for games. Here is the team with Coach Nicole.

Here are some pictures of Alan practicing on the field.

Eddie and Joey have a blast playing on the playground during practice!!