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Well we made our first ER visit today. Daniel received a call from his sister, Kristine, that said he needed to come home right away because Eddie's nose AND mouth were bleeding. I saw Daniel run out of the building and jump in the car where I was waiting. He said Eddie was hurt and call Kristine as he sped off base. Everything was calmed down and cleaned up by the time we made it home, but we couldn't get a good look at Eddie's mouth so Daniel took him to urgent care where they sent him to the Emergency Room because they didn't have the right equipment for such a small child. I'm glad I sent Daniel because he said it took 3 adults to hold Eddie down for x-rays and every time anyone checked his mouth he SCREAMED!!! Nothing is broken and no stiches necessary. He has some cuts inside his nose and mouth and some bruising on his face. It really scared Alan too and thankfully he wasn't involved in the big spill off our small toy tractor. Needless to say he …

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