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Traveling With Tikes

Well I guess I need to get you all caught up on my recent travels. On Thursday, Oct. 18th I got up at 3am to be ready in time for a 6am flight from home with Eddie (2.5yrs) and Joey 2.5 months) by myself. We were to have to connecting flights on our journey for the day. We made it to Memphis and got to the gate with double stroller, 2 carseats, diaper bag, back pack and both kids!! The flight was delayed 30 min, no problem. We get on the plane and it's hotter than hades!!! They apologize and get ready for our flight. We end up sitting at the gate for a full 2 hrs while they fix the air conditioning. I might need to remind you northerners that it's 85+ degrees outside in Memphis on this October morning. Well your connection in Minneapolis is NOT going to happen so what can you do. I get off the plane and go to the counter to see what adventure is ahead. Well they ended up canceling my flight completely so we missed NOTHING. They put us on a much later flight that wo…

The Dentist

Yesterday was a big day for Alan and Eddie. I must admit I was very nervous about taking them to the dentist for the first time all by myself. I got them excited on the way there and the hygenist was AWESOME!! She had Alan go first and explained to Eddie that he needed to watch so he would know what to do when it was his turn. She showed Alan each tool and how it worked then let him give it a try before she got started. She had him wearing the bib AND his own set of rubber gloves along with some fun sunglasses and he got to run the vaccuum (suction) tool himself. Eddie could hardly contain his excitement at the thought of vaccuuming his own mouth. He squirrmed in his chair waiting more patiently than any 2 yr old possibly could for his turn to wear the green sunglasses, rubber gloves, bib and most of all to run the vaccuum. He climbed into the chair and immediatley grabbed the tools the hygenist had shown Alan. He ended up shooting water across the room and Laura was so amused…

Human Cow

Yesterday was quite an emotional day for me. I packed and shipped my first cooler of breast milk to the Milk Bank in Raliegh, NC. They FedEx a regular Rubbermaidor Igloo cooler to our house with a pre-paid shipping bill. I fill the cooler with all the frozen milk and drive it to FedEx as late in the day as possible. It then gets shipped Priority Overnight. Getting the cooler in the FedEx building was quite a challenge as I had all 3 boys. I put the Radio Flyer wagon in the van then put the cooler in the wagon and buckled up the troops. When we got there I took the cooler out then the wagon. Then I put the cooler in the wagon with the paperwork and unbuckled everyone. Alan and Eddie were getting ready to pull the wagon and the lady was running to help me before I got Joey unbuckled. The cooler weighed 59lbs! She asked me the value of what it contained and I said, "I don't know. About a million dollars. How do you put a price on 700 ounces of breast milk??" He…

Trick or TREAT!!

We were so excited to find out Madison was spending the weekend in town with her Nana!!! Nana brought Madison and Alex over to our house to play and have dinner last night. Here is a picture of the group.

MOPS Family Fall Fun Night

My friend, Brandy Carlson, hosted a great Family Fun Night potluck out on her family's farm. It's right in the middle of the city and you would NEVER know it as you feel like you are out camping in the woods. Here are some pictures.

Joey's 2 Month Stats

Here is Joey's 2 month "Watch Me Grow" picture. He weighed 13lbs 6oz and was 23.75 inches long at his check up!!

ipods at the Saucer house

The boys are really into music at our house. My dad and Mary recently posted about MP3 players on their blog. We have 2 at our house. Daniel has the ipod shuffle for running and I have the ipod 30g video to keep the boys entertained in waiting rooms and airports. Here is a video clip of Alan and Eddie listening and dancing with our ipods. I'm not sure how the video got turned sideways, but it's not too long so you shouldn't get too much of a stiff neck!!

update on Alan's playground

The time to post comments to help get the grant for the playground at Alan's school has expired. If they don't get the grant this time they will re-apply in the spring. I will be sure to post as things happen. Hopefully they will give us more time to post comments if we end up re-applying. Thanks to those who took the time to post this time around and hopefully they will get the money as the current playground is in pretty bad shape!!!

New Friends

Alan has a new buddy from preschool named Aidan. His mommy, Missy and I have gotten to be good friends while we are waiting to pick up our boys. Aidan has a little sister, Emily. She is 5 months older than Joey and she LOVES to make faces with Eddie!! We go to each other's houses after school to play. Here are some pictures of our new friends.

Aidan and Alan LOVE to dress up in costumes. Here they are as Buzz and Woody from Toy Story.

Here are Emily and Eddie playing on the floor.

Joey is getting soooo BIG!! Here he is laying next to Emily who is 5 months older than him!!!

Pics of Joey

Joey is growing like a weed and changing so much. Here are some picture from the last 2 weeks.

My Birthday

I know it was awhile ago, but I wanted to share some pictures of what Daniel did for me. He took the day off work and totally worked on his honey do list. Here is a picture of the new shelves WITH all the stuff on them.

Here is a picture of the stuff he hung on the wall over the couch.

After all that hard work he and the boys took me to my favorite restaurant for dinner. We went to Carrabas which is a good 30-45 min drive so it was a VERY special treat!!!