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Potty Training Day 3

Well the first two days of potty training we were home all day so if Alan had an accident we just clean it up and went on with our day. Today, however, we had to run errands and in the evening we had a retirement party to attend. I didn't stress long before I realized I could just put the whole potty, a towel, and some extra clothes right in the van. So each time we were getting in the van we sat on the potty chair. He didn't go the whole time we ran errands, but we had no accidents. This afternoon he peed and pooped in the potty before we headed out to the party. We attempted to use the big potty at the party, but I think he felt like he was going to fall in so he asked to go in the van. He went potty in the potty chair in the back of the van. I watered some weeds and we went back to the party. Ironically we received a potty training sticker chart in the mail from pampers today and he was just as excited about writing his name and hanging that in the bathroom as he w…

Potty Training Day 2

Alan woke up today with a dry diaper and the first 3 times he went potty on the potty chair. He gets a "treat" or fruity tootsie roll if he is successful. He thought he got one just for going so I had to explain it was for going potty on the potty chair and NOT in your pants!!! We had a very unsuccessful afternoon. We even ran out of dry big boy underpants and I had to do a load of wash!! I left the boys home with Daddy to run errands and Alan had another big accident. I am happy to report that we had another success right before bed and he was very excited to get his treat. I wonder how tomorrow will go as we have a very busy day of running errands. I decided to pack all the underwear and shorts and just put the whole potty chair in the van. Wish me luck!!

Potty Training Day 1

Alan has been requesting diapers over pull ups lately and I finally got fed up!!! Today we put big boy underpants on and everytime he went potty we sat on the potty chair afterwards while I cleaned him up and put his wet pants in the washer. He could care less about being a big boy and wearing big boy pants so this may be a long battle. He is, however, obsessive compulsive on being clean so it may not take as long as I anticipate. Expect the worse and hope for the best I guess. He was very upset every time he got wet today so only time will tell. Keep us in your thoughts and prayers as we continue with my diapers at bedtime only policy. I will keep you all posted in future blog entries.

web site update

I updated our family website today. You can see pictures from all the things in my apologies and tucker vist entries at

Tucker Visit

We had an amazing weekend with our good friends, the Tuckers. Alan and Madison have really missed each other since the move and he didn't know they were coming until they pulled up in the driveway. I can't believe I didn't have the video camera ready. It was like watching a commercial on TV. Alan opened the door and there was Madison. They both instantly flung open arms, screamed and ran to embrace!!! We spent Friday night catching up and getting ready to hit the beach on Saturday. The weather was perfect beach weather. Daniel and Nathan managed to push and pull the Radio Flyer wagon through all the sand. Then they got the screened in tent set up to provide shade so the kids wouldn't get fried in the sun. It was successful no one got sunburned unless you count a very small part of my shoulder that must not have gotten covered completely with sunscreen. Alan and Madison have opposite passions at the beach. Madison could roll around and be covered in the sand…


I am sooooo sorry that I got this far behind on the blog!!! We have been extremely busy with visitors and traveling this month. Here are the highlights and don't forget to check our website for pictures. They will be posted soon.

Monday, June 5thGrandma Judy came to visit
Tuesday, June 6th took Grandma to feed the Goats and explore the Air Force Base.
Thursday, June 8th Grandma, Alan, Eddie and I piled into the mini van and headed north to Iowa. We traveled 1,200 miles in 26hrs without spending the night anywhere!!! Thanks to Monster and Full Throttle Energy Drinks. I drove the first 950 miles and had Grandma finish the trip from there.
Friday, June 9th Visited my Great Aunt Jo and Uncle Russ in Waterloo, IA on the way to visit Maga in Postville. Then we took a really long nap!! Saturday, June 10th visited all kinds of Iowa friends and family.
Sunday, June 11th Alan checked the cows with Grandpa Joe and Grandma Judy on the 4 wheeler!! This was probably his favorite par…

Slip N Slide

This was a great weekend. We visited Daniel's Aunt Joyce and Uncle Harold in Pensacola, FL. Alan is already learning the way to their house. He wouldn't stop saying "Aunt Joyce" when we turned into their neighborhood. Daniel's cousin, Heather brought her future step kids over to play and Aunt Joyce had a big surprise. She got a slip n slide to play with at her house when we come to visit!!!
This is Destiny and Alan getting used to the new toy.

Uncle Harold is teaching Alan how to "slide"!!

I did it Mommy, I did it!!!

Toilet Paper

I can't believe I'm gonna have to change the direction of the toilet paper. I have always been a rolls over the top girl, but after this afternoon I will have to change to rolls underneath. WHY???
Well take a look at what my boys have been up to today.

Eddie has always been my tactile guy. Just can't keep his little fingers off of texture. This would include tissue and toilet paper and I should have known better :)