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Jungle Room

The boys' new bedroom furniture arrived!!  While it was a nightmare waiting for it as it was supposed to be a morning delivery and we got word at 9:30pm the night before we were moved to the 5-8pm delivery slot.  They called at 8:40pm to see if we would wait 'til this morning to get it.  The boys were waiting up and we had to change our church plans once so I said nope they need to come last night.  They got here around 9pm and didn't finish assembly until 11:15pm!!  There were broken and missing pieces to Alan's bed so they will have to get new parts and come back to finish that.

Eddie and Joey will be sharing a room so they got full size bunk beds that according to Eddie look like they are in the Jungle!!  He helped me paint the room sky blue for the jungle background last week.

He keeps asking when are we going to paint the jungle and trees and stuff.  Not sure how soon that will happen.  Putting the sheets and blankets on these beds is one tough job!!  I think Dadd…