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Life's Lessons

Alan is now 5 and really starting to "figure" things out. It was only a couple weeks ago that I pulled him aside one night when he was being a big pain. I explained to him that when I said it was bedtime and had a couple things to do it would be a really good idea for him to just "disappear" and be soooo quiet I would maybe forget he was still awake and he would end up staying up way past his bedtime!!!

I really wasn't sure how he would process this info until last night. We are staying with Uncle Tim, Aunt April, and Cousin Ian. The adults were playing Apples to Apples (This is an A-W-E-S-O-M-E board game!!!). Daniel told Alan and Eddie to use the bathroom and he would tuck them in. He was then promptly distracted by laughter from the game. It was well over an hour later when I realized Alan and Eddie were sitting at the kids table playing very quietly. I guess this lesson really stuck. I quietly shared the story at the grown up table and continued to …

Metropolis, IL

Ever wonder if Superman's hometown of Metropolis really exists?? Well, it does and it happened to be just 6 miles from our hotel the first night of holiday travels. My mom stopped at a visitor center near there on her way home this summer and sent the boys a picture of her face in a Superman cut out.

We decided since we were so close the boys would enjoy the stop. They were sooo excited to see Superman and even more excited at the memory from the picture telling us that Grandma had been there before.

Here are the pictures from our pitstop.

SUPER Joey!!

SUPER Eddie!!

SUPER Alan!!

SUPER Saucers!!

SUPER Mommy!!

SUPER Daddy!!

Dreaming of a White Christmas

While a "White" Christmas is something many dream of, I'm pretty confident in saying I dream and pray that this will be my LAST white Christmas!!

It's funny how the only things about snow that "stick" in your memory are the snowball fights, snowman building, sledding and FUN!!! Daniel and I decided the boys would really enjoy seeing snow for the first time this year. So we packed up our mini van turned into a sleigh and then hit the highway our destination was 2 days away.

Over the highways and byways we glide to grandmother's house we drive. With turn right or turn left we trust GPS to get us there alive.

It turns out we have very bad trip coordination with mother nature. She seemed to think this weekend was the perfect time for a blizzard/white out to visit the mid-west. This didn't quite sync with our driving plans. The further north we drove the talk of snow increased until it was finally falling and hitting our windshield. I warned them of …

Eddie's Preschool Christmas Program

Here are some video clips from Eddie's Preschool Christmas Program. I was a bit surprised he decided not to sing. I also never should have commented to my friend about her daughter being up there next year twirling and lifting her dress. You'll see why if you watch the clips!!

Preparing for Christmas

Here is Joey all decked out and ready for the SNOW!!

Here is a picture of the foam ornaments I helped make for Alan's classmates. Each one has a picture of the student in the center.

Here is a short clip of Joey trying to walk in his new snowsuit!!


This is a long story that has been going on for 9 months. My friend, Dina Rich, is having exploratory heart surgery today. Her husband is a reservist who works with contractors in Iraq. He was home this spring on leave and they discovered upon his return to Iraq that they were unexpectedly expecting. Then they discovered they were expecting twins!!! The pregnancy was extremely difficult and Dina had to manage care of their incredibly difficult 3 yr. old all with her husband fighting in Iraq. Thankfully he was able to come home in early December. Only 5 days after his feet touched American soil they had a routine OB appointment at 36 weeks and Dina had severe preclampsia so they did a C-section to get the babies out. Dillion and Katia were 5 lbs 11 oz and 5 lbs 7 oz. They are doing great and off all feeding tubes already at 1 week old today. After the C-section Dina complained of difficulty breathing. They discharged her anyway. She went to the ER yesterday and went into congestive hea…


Yes, I know Thanksgiving was a super long time ago!!! I thought you might enjoy some pictures and videos that we took on Thanksgiving anyway. Better late than never :)

The first clip is Alan leading the Our Father he's learning in "Religious Education" or what most of us refer to as CCD.

New Picasa Pictures Posted

I just finished sorting pictures and have updated the 2008_November folder as well as started the 2008_December folder with our very small tree decorating process. The tree has already had ALL the ornaments confiscated as Joey has had each and every one in his mouth so I decided to leave the tree naked!!!

To see the pictures simply click on the link to the NEW Saucer Family website on the left.