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Empty Boxes

Well, a few weeks ago I lost my mind. There was a post to one of my message boards about a really great price on my favorite scrapbooking adhesive, but you had to order $1,000 worth to get it. Someone had suggested a group order so you guessed it I volunteered to organzie it!!! Well needless to say I had to cut it off when the order hit $5,000 plus shipping expenses. I am amazed at how fast people responded and can't even tell you how many emails I received and responded too. I am happy to report that the order arrived yesterday and today and as of now the boxes for those who have already paid me are packaged, addressed and waiting in the van to go to the post office tomorrow afternoon. Daniel has been very understanding in all this and even loaded them into the van for me!!!

Alan thought today was Christmas with all the empty boxes and I got a couple video clips and will post them below.


Today has already been a very productive day and it's only lunch time!! After throwing the bedding in the wash, Alan and I got busy making jerky in Daddy's new dehydrator. Then we switched laundry around and washed more sheets. After that we made 4 loaves of banana bread and did some work on the computer!!! It's about time for a nap. Here is a clip of Alan making jerky.

Trick or Treat in December !?!

Alan has been saying "trick or treat" a lot lately. It wasn't until santa showed up at playgroup on base yesterday that I figured out he was trying to say "Christmas tree"!! Here are some pictures of the boys with santa yesterday. Can you tell who santa is?? It only took Alan 2 minutes to figure it out, but mommy was able to convince him otherwise :)

Muc Lucs

We received a package from "Gramps" and Mary today. Alan was very excited so I let him open it. Inside there were some beautiful handmade Muc Lucs for the boys and mommy. Alan couldn't get them on fast enough!!!

Holiday Baking

Here is a video clip of Alan unwrapping rolos for me this afternoon. I was baking cookies to take to the church tonight where the Circle Of Friends church ladies will be baking up a storm. Alan seems to think that everytime we bake something it must be for Bailey!! Does he really think my baking is so bad it's for the dogs!?!

Santa Claus is Comin' to Town

Well, I'm not sure what made me think I could sew. . . I thought sewing a santa suit wouldn't be too difficult if it was part of a "kit". The base playgroup was doing some Christmas pictures of the kids and I thought I could get the suit done in time to have Daniel take an early lunch and show up as Santa. Well this "kit" had very confusing directions. They may as well have been written in Japanese!!! After spending an entire 3hr naptime studying and attempting to cut out the pieces I was beyond frustrated and ready to cry. I ended up using my resources and sending out a very desperate email to EVERY email address I had for people that lived near me (there are some playgroup lists with emails of people I don't even know). Within 30 minutes a friend, Erin, from my MOPS group responded so I called her and she was able to help me figure out how to cut the pieces out correctly!!!

Ok so the pieces are cut out, know what do I do!?!

Well. yesterday I r…


Talk about a warm winter. Today is December 1st and it's sunny and over 80 degrees!!! The boys and I enjoyed the sunshine in the back yard. Here is a video of big brother Alan pushing Eddie in the swing.


We had a family night out in the hot tub tonight and the boys had a BLAST!! Alan even got daring and enjoyed counting to 3 and jumping off the cool off seat!!