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Balloon Season

We all know the 4 seasons: Winter, Spring, Summer, and Fall.  Well Albuquerque has a 5th season, Balloon Season.  The Balloon Fiesta is the first week and a half of October and a very exciting time!!  There are hundreds of Hot Air Balloons in the sky every morning for 10 days.  The weeks leading into and following the Balloon Fiesta have LOTS of balloons in the sky as well.

This year Kristine and her friend, Talya, came to visit us and go to the Balloon Fiesta with us.  We got up at 4am to fight the traffic near the Balloon Fiesta Park and got to the Park around 6:30am in time for the 6:30am Morning Glo and the 7am Mass Ascension.

Here is one of the Morning Glo balloons.  The boys really enjoy the FIRE!!
Some of the first balloons off the ground the day we went were twin pink balloons to honor survivors and victims of breast cancer.  The balloons each had an American flag and the Star Spangled Banner was sung to start the ascension.

I was pretty trigger happy with the camera and posted…