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We had an AMAZING Memorial Day weekend. Daniel's unit got Friday AND Monday off so we loaded up the van on Friday morning and drove 6 hours south to Orlando. Daniel signed us up for some timeshare lecture that got us 3 nights at the Holiday in for $100 (normal rates for this location on Universal Ave are $129+ per night). We got checked in and walked over to Mommy's favorite restaurant, Carrabas for a late dinner.

On Saturday morning we did our required tour of the timeshare and listened to all their rules and regulations. It wasn't difficult to say NO as the lowest price they could come down to was $28K AND $650 in yearly maintence fees. I couldn't even believe it, after we told them no, they actually offered to set us up with a mortgage. After catching my breath I told them with bugged eyes "If we can't pay for vacation up front then we don't go on vacation!! There is absolutely no way we will go in debt or MORTGAGE a vacation!!!" I think I …