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Showing posts from February, 2009

Random Video Clips

Here are a few videos from the last couple weeks.
These two are of the boys playing with the AWESOME hotwheels track they got for Christmas from Grandpa Bear and Granny D.

Joey is really into helping with the laundry. His brothers were the same at his age, but didn't have the luxury of a front loading washer!!

Here is an old one I meant to post at Thanksgiving of Eddie's Preschool Thanksgiving Feast. Pay attention to our "star" at the end of the prayer.

Super Bowl XLIII Half Time Show

I can't say I watched too much of the Super Bowl this year. I can't even say I got overly excited about the half time show on the TV. I can, however, say we had quite an enjoyable half time show live in our very own living room!! See the video clips below and have a great day!