Monday, July 02, 2012

Saucer Summer Tour Part 16

Sunday,  June 24th,  2012
Today we went to Aunt Denise and Uncle Dennis’s house.  We just relaxed catching up with Marisa before she headed to the lake with her friends.  I can’t believe she will be starting her Senior year of high school in the fall!!  The boys were excited to watch their movies in the theatre while the grown ups talked J
Tim, April, Ian and Simon came over for dinner.  We had an awesome spiral cut ham and all kinds of summer sides!!  The boys were super excited to try the new Capri Suns V.  They have a complete serving of vegetables in every pouch!!

Monday, June 25th, 2012
Today was a driving day.  We are headed to Green Bay and drove  455 miles.  We drove through Chicago and Milwaukee along the way.  It was 4:30pm when we pulled into the driveway at Aunt Kathy and Uncle Neil’s.  We visited a short time and headed straight for Bay Beach!!  We were in luck as it was kids’ day and the kids could ride unlimited FREE!!  Tickets at Bay Beach are only 25cents and each ride is 1-2 tickets to ride.  We started on the ferris wheel.  It has to be the FASTEST one I’ve ever been on!!  We went all the way around 24 times.  After the ferris wheel we did the train ride.  Then Alan and Eddie stayed with Mommy and did the super fast spinning swings.  Joey and Jack went to do some calmer rides with Aunt Kathy.  We did a bunch more rides and ordered pizza from Gallagher’s to be delivered.  The boys were up SUPER late!!

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